LINK NGTR-X PlugIn Standalone ECU For R32 R33 R34 Nissan GTR


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Formerly the LINK NGTR+ now updated to the next generation NGTR-X G4X platform! See more about LINK G4X ECU comparison to the old LINK G4+ at bottom of page. Take your R32 R33 or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R to the next level with LINKs plug and play standalone. This ECU fits inside the factory enclosure and replaces the factory circuit board. The new board allows for Live Tuning and advanced features not found in the stock computer. The GTR LINK NGTR-X ECU enables Speed Density mode allowing you to ditch those MAF setups and tune with a map sensor.

LINK NGTR-X Has the following features:
Plug and Play Nissan Standalone for
R32 R33 R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R
R32 R33 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

RB26DETT engines found in R32, R33, R34 Skyline GTRs and Autech 260RS Stageas
RB20DE engines found in R32 & R33 Skylines, A31 Cefiros
RB20DET engines found in R32 Skylines (incl 4wd), A31 Cefiros and C33 Laurels. – Injector 4&6 need swapping
RB25DE engines found in R32 & R33 Skylines, C33 & C34 Laurels and A31 Cefiros.
RB25DET engines found in R33 Skylines (incl 4wd) and C34 Laurels
RB30DE/DET/DETT engines made using Non Neo heads and blue plug looms

Onboard 4BAR Map sensor for speed density tuning (external available as well)
Uses Factory sensors, or add your own
Expanded IO available with purchase of Expansion Cable

The G4X GTRLink – NGTR-X allows full control and tunability of fuel, ignition timing, and other engine functions.
The G4X GTRLink – NGTR-X is supplied with a base map pre-loaded to help jump start the tuning process.

Note: Compatible with High Impedance injectors only (no Low Imp support!)
Note: Does not use factory Wideband O2 sensors. Recommend external dual widebands.
Note: Not suitable for automatic transmission models

Compared to G4+ ECUs, ALL G4X ECUs feature:
*A faster Micro controller – meaning your engine will run smoother, accelerate faster and act more responsively
*An upgraded Communications Chip – sees download speeds 16 x faster than G4+
*512 Megabytes of data logging – this is over 100x the size of prior Link ECUs**
*A new version of PC Link tuning software – which is easier to use and modify tunes with

Some additional upgrades, of particular interest to Engine Tuners include:
Enhanced Inputs and Outputs – Expanded frequency range of inputs and outs is larger, meaning they can pick up more information and are more responsive to inputs. The maximum digital input frequency is now in excess of 10kHz.
Math Functions – G4X uses Maths Blocks that can create simple algebraic formulas as opposed to using a set table. This will allow the tuner to write their own scripts using simple algebra.
Fuel Table upgrades – Smoother fueling now occurs due to the fuel tables now using single precision floating point format.
Control Loops are more precise – Anything with control loops (i.e. E-throttle, closed loop boost control, idle speed control and VVT) are now more precise.

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