Haltech NEXUS R5 + Universal Wire-in Harness Kit HT-195200


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Haltech Nexus R5 VCU is a complete vehicle control unit with built in engine control (ECU) and power distribution (PDM). Featuring 18 injector outputs, 12 ignition outputs, dual drive by wire, dual lambda control, data logging, WiFi communication and more!


? a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
? a connected group or series
? the central or most important point or place

What is NEXUS?

? A data logger
? A power distribution module
? A dual channel universal wideband controller
? A high speed wi-fi communications module
? A new generation engine management system

All natively interconnected with each other.
All programmable with one single piece of software.


Introducing NEXUS R5 ? the new Haltech flagship product.
A product that will change the way you control your engine.
An ECU, PDM, wi-fi module, wideband controller and a data logger all in one.

NEXUS R5 Features:

? 18 x high current injector drivers
? 12 x ignition drivers
? 12 x 8A outputs
? 4 x 25A outputs
? 23 x AVI
? 10 x SPI
? 8 x DPO
? 2 x knock control
? 3 x independent CAN bus systems
? Dual DBW control
? Wireless communication
? 150 channel, 1kHz logging with 512MB of logging space
? Dual channel O2 wideband controller?capable of running LSU4.9 and NTK sensors
? Auto transmission control
? A brand new, easy to use, intuitive software

The NEXUS series will supplement the existing Elite Series.
The Elite Series will continue to be developed and supported.

Includes unterminated wiring harness. Pinned to ECU and paired into inputs/outputs for easy harness creation.



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