If you’re having a hard time locating a BTR Truck Norris Camshaft Kit, look no further! We keep a pile of these on hand to serve the greater Louisville area! With BTR’s full lineup of accessory components, we are truly a one stop shop for everything Truck Norris!

The BTR Truck Norris Camshaft is a high-performance camshaft designed for the Chevrolet LS style engines. It has been developed by Brian Tooley Racing and offers big power gains combined with unparalleled drivability and durability. With a finely calculated duration and lift profile, the Truck Norris Camshaft offers greater efficiency and improved torque across the operating range. The Truck Norris Camshaft is the perfect upgrade for any truck or SUV looking to increase their vehicle’s performance and sound while still being drivable. Order or pickup today from Dynosty, Louisville’s largest BTR Brian Tooley Racing stocking dealer!

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Brian Tooley Racing Truck Norris camshaft with box

Check out the dyno graph below, there’s no denying it’s potential in 5.3 combinations!