Platinum Billet Block Brace with Main Caps for RB26 RB30


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Platinum Racing All In One Main Cap Brace! This brace now utilizes everything we have learnt and all evolution of our standard OEM overlay brace but this time we have included billet main caps and incorporated the block brace itself in a one-piece unit!

As you know, block twist is the major factor contributing to blocks cracking where our standard original brace has helped immensely! You have heard or tried billet main caps, which do not offer block twist protection at all, they are also hard to pin down and stop them floating (near impossible)

The usual billet main cap is also usually too hard, the harder the better you would think! WRONG, hard singular main caps do not absorb or disperse energy and shock, it bounces it straight back into the crank and con rods, and unless you are running alloy rods, your bearing and rotating assemblies life is actually diminished, a connected main cap brace offers a ton of positives, including energy and shock disbursement, much better twist protection, and no chance of main cap movement, even less chance of cracking a main cap.

So with all the real data and testing we have done over the last 10 years with our braces we figured it was time to release our latest brace creation in steel, we are still testing alloy braces and we will get that right soon, but the steel version is now ready for release in both RB26 and RB30 configurations.

*This brace is for the serious racers here, its aimed at 2000hp plus applications, although there is no issue running this big block of steel in your everyday cruiser.

*This brace has excellent thermal expansion properties closely matched to your OEM Cast Iron block, it’s easier to fit than our typical standard braces.

*1/2 inch bolt upgrade is required, Tunnel Bore is also required (as all blocks with aftermarket bolts are required)

*Brace comes with bolt kit in any of the 4WD/ 2WD configurations for the RB25/ 26 type 4WD, and the RB30/28/25 RWD blocks and you can convert them all to 4WD or 2WD with the right chosen bolt kit supplied.

*Block face is O-ring aided for ease of sealing.

Brace is blackened (surface treated) for corrosion tolerance.

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