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FR-S / BRZ Panel Filter from Perrin replaces the restrictive OEM panel filter for increased performance. Increased airflow to your 2.0L FA20 engine is a simple drop-in air filter away.
Perrin’s dual stage, open cell foam filters are made of reticulated polyurethane foam which offers a minimal amount of air restriction. The filter element is sprayed with a special oil that adheres to the foam making the poly matrix sticky and retain dirt. Foam filters do not block dirt, they grab it all while making minimal drops in air flow. What does this mean to you? More dirt collected, more air flow and more horsepower. Maintenance is easy – clean months of dirt and grime away by spraying a simple intake cleaner on it. Once the dirt washes away, spray on a fresh coat of intake oil (sold seperately) and you are ready to reinstall.

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