IDS Rear Drag Coilovers for 350Z 370Z



Import Drag Solutions rear drag coilovers is the quickest way to improve your Nissan 350Z or 370Z launch and 60ft times! The IDS rear shocks are a true double adjustable drag shock with independent adjustment for compression and rebound to get the most from the IRS.

The IDS 350Z 370Z drag shocks are available in smooth body (like factory) or coilover conversion with adjustable coilover spring on shock.

For 1000+HP 350Z and 370Z drag racing applications, select the valving upgrade option.

Dynosty is proud to run IDS drag suspension on our record-breaking Nissan 370Z!

Estimate 1 week build time for 350Z 370Z IDS drag coilovers.

Please contact us for international shipping.