FP HD8088 Street Turbocharger 1.32 a/r


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This complete turbocharger is perfect for the value minded customer who wants 500-1000 horsepower from a single turbo setup on a large displacement V8 motor. This model performs well in low boost situations and has been inspected and approved by Forced Performance.
Forced Performance can provide repair and upgrade service on these units just as easily as any other S400 turbo, so when you want to go larger next season, you’ve already got a good start!
  • Compressor Wheel – 80MM
  • Turbine Wheel – 96x88MM
  • Compressor Housing – S400 Style Cover
  • Turbine Housing – T6 1.32 A/R S400 96MM Compatible
  • CHRA – Oil Cooled Journal Bearing

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