Alpha Performance Spec R35 GT-R Drivetrain Reinforcement Package


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Alpha Spec GT-R Drivetrain Reinforcement Package

For those of you that often run your GT-R at the drag strip, you may want to consider our Alpha Spec GT-R Drivetrain Reinforcement Package especially if you have performed moderate to heavy power upgrades. This combination covers two inherent weaknesses of the GT-R ? the GR6 transaxle case and rear axles. If your GT-R produces more than 800 horsepower and you tend to drag race your GT-R often, this upgrade should be at the top of your upgrade list.

T1 Transmission Brace

Many high-powered GT-R?s have experienced a broken transaxle case upon launch due to higher torque output and violent wheel hop. A replacement is not available. . . in which case you would need to purchase an entirely new transmission from Nissan! The T1 GT-R Transmission Brace in this package is an effective solution to protecting your GT-R?s transmission from cracking when launching your GT-R off the line. It provides additional support and transfers load to the stronger front half of the housing.

Driveshaft Shop 33 Spline GT-R Axles & Hubs (NI68-V2)

As widely accepted as the GT-R has become for straight line drag performance, the stock rear axles were never intended to take on the brutal power produced by a highly modified GT-R. Among power and torque, other variables such as tire selection, suspension, weather and track conditions can cause failure of your stock rear axles or hubs. These are the same axles and hubs used on our 2000+hp Alpha Omega GT-R and since installed, we have not experienced a single failure so you can rest assured they will perform well with your GT-R?s setup.

This combination not only provides consistent reliability when launching your GT-R, it prevents costly damage to your built transmission.


  • Prevents transmission transaxle case from cracking
  • Replaces weak stock axles with stronger 33 spline axles and hubs
  • Provides added insurance against costly repairs


  • T1 Upper and Lower Transaxle Brace
  • Driveshaft Shop 33-Spline Axles & Hubs (NI68-92)

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