Alpha Nissan R35 GT-R VR38 CNC Deep Wet Sump Oil Pan


Discontinued, see notes below.

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Solving The VR38?s Deficiency

As we?ve push the limits of Nissan?s VR38 V-6 twin turbo engine we?ve been able to uncover some of its weak points. As part of our journey we found in big bore, stroker and high RPM engines, the oil pressure would drop at higher revolutions. After a lot of research and experimentation, we found that the air inside the motor would become turbulent enough to introduce bubbles into the oil. At higher RPMs, the bubbles would even reach the oil pump pickup. With the oil pump ingesting air, the oil pressure would plummet which could cause engine bearing damage over time. We tried many things to try to shield the oil from the turbulent air but eventually found that a deeper oil pan took care of the issue.

Improved Oiling Without The Heavy Expense

While converting to a dry sump oil system is the ultimate solution for reliable oiling, it?s astronomical cost and complexity quickly rule it out for most enthusiasts. To give you the protection you need without the heavy costs we now provide the next best solution.

Increased Oil Capacity Without Clearance Issues

When increasing the size of an oil pan clearance underneath the car becomes an issue. If the oil pan hangs too low speed bumps and road debris can damage the pan and cause a loss of oil and severe engine damage. Our 100% billet aluminum oil pan and pickup extension is deep enough to get below the aerated oil but no so deep to where it would hang below the subframe. No worries of the oil pan being damaged by hitting anything you may run over. The factory under tray inner-most layer is only slightly trimmed and the under tray reinstalled to keep the factory aero smooth and the oil pan protected*.

Do it right the first time, order your Alpha R35 GT-R VR38 CNC Deep Wet Sump Oil Pan today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Reduces oil windage in the crankcase
  • 1.5 quarts of added oil capacity
  • Cooler oil temps from added thermal capacity
  • Increased engine reliability


  • CNC billet aluminum deep oil pan
  • Oil pickup extension


  • 2009-2011 (CBA) Nissan R35 GT-R
  • 2012+ (DBA) Nissan R35 GT-R
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models (LHD & RHD)

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