With the age of internet records running rampant, we take zero shame in setting the bar for Supercharged 370z platforms. When we paired our shop car with the new Topgun Rotrex 370Z Supercharger kit, the goal was to provide clients with another option for boost, that wouldn’t break the bank, and still output wildly fun power figures. With our nose to the grindstone, we installed the complete kit, paired it with the proper supporting modifications, and shot for the moon with a pulley combo to stretch the blower out.

The only difference between the kit that set this Nissan 370Z record, and a kit you can buy off the shelf? The upper pulley size was increased to drive boost up. Tickling ~20psi at 7500rpm, this supercharger kit output an insane 802whp. Gone are the days where displacement is what dictates power in blower applications.

What this amounted to was an insane first outing, throwing down a nice and easy 10.3 pass @ 138mph! We haven’t found a quicker supercharged 370z combo to date, which puts the target on this unit’s back! Check out the clip below!