Dynosty Haltech Elite VQ35HR Patch Harness 350Z HR (NO ECU INCLUDED)


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Dynosty Haltech Elite VQ35HR Patch Harness for Nissan 350Z 2007-2008 with VQ35HR: Tired of trying to push the limits on your stock Nissan or Infiniti ECU? Looking to add the flexibility that a complete standalone ECU offers? LOOK NO FURTHER. Dynosty offers the best solution for all your stock ECU woes. With this proprietary plug and play harness, you can pair a complete Haltech Elite 2500 system to your factory controls. These are used in conjunction with your stock equipment to stretch the limits of your vehicle. The Haltech offers standalone control of your VQ35HR fuel and ignition, while the factory computer is retained for factory functions such as CAN bus gauges, idle, fans etc.

Here are a few highlights of the Plug and Play Haltech Elite kit for the HR:
– Full Flex Fuel and E85 integration for fuel, ignition and boost control. No map switching required, just pump in fuel and go!
– Live Speed Density tuning eliminates re-flash MAF tuning
– Advanced Boost Control for vehicles wishing to effectively use a lot of power.
– Nitrous Control gives smooth and instant integration for wet and dry systems and eliminates having to switch maps.
– On-board datalogging, never miss a thing with automatic triggered logging
– Over-boost Protection makes sure your engine is protected in the event a vacuum hose comes free etc.
– Lean Protection constantly watches the air/fuel ratio and instantly limits the engine if things head lean for any reason such as low fuel or a clogged injector.

Haltech PNP VQ35HR Kit is more than capable of supporting a range of power (1000+ hp, No problem!)

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