This past weekend was Shift Sector’s annual Half Mile event in Marion, Indiana. We have been working diligently with a pair of clients that have always been in our corner. Raquel & Kyle are a dynamic pair with a mutual thirst for horsepower and speed. We have been tuning on their combination for quite awhile, as well as providing Dynosty Spec engines for their program. Unfortunately, they suffered a total loss with their original Z33 chassis after an accident caused irreparable damage. We set out to find them a donor car in similar, low mileage condition, and they drove from Massachusetts to bring their new baby home.

Once the replacement chassis was in hand, Kyle made quick work of getting the new turbo kit built and fabbed. This would eventually be mated to a Dynosty Spec longblock, as well as a Dynosty Haltech 2500 ECU package. This was all with a few goals in mind, one of which being the standing half mile record. This resulted in multiple passes in the 170s/180s, finishing the weekend with a best of 183.37mph. This has been a long time in the making, with more on the horizon. This is a full weight street car with functioning A/C. The only items discussed for removal @ the Shift Sector half mile event was the passenger seat and spare tire. Impressive stuff for a manually shifted 3.5L 6 Cylinder!


Basic Build List:
– Dynosty Built Longblock
+ CSS Block (no hoops/o-rings)
+ Dynosty Billet Girdle
+ Dynosty Spec Rotating Assembly (Manley)
– TID Performance Turbo Kit
– PTE7675
– Haltech Elite 2500 W/ Dynosty Patch Harness
– Ignite E90
– 75/100 shot to build boost (not used for power, for spool only)
– Dynosty Tuned