Todd gave us a buzz all the way from Nebraska with (what was only supposed to be) tuning needs. The vehicle arrived at our doors and we got to work. We loaded it on the dyno and within a few higher boost pulls, we noticed the ol’ girl was pushing some coolant.

We dialed up Todd to deliver the news every shop hates to relay, and we were back at the drawing board….

A few weeks later, we had a fresh block, crank, pistons, and rods waiting for assembly.



Skipping to the meat and potatoes; we can go over the pertinent info concerning the build:

****Dynosty Short Block Package, including new ACL bearings, Align Hone, Polish Crank, Balance and Blueprint, Bore and Hone with Torque Plate, Deck, Wash and Dynosty Pro Assembly to Dynosty Specs. Featuring Manley Platinum Pistons, Carillo Rods, all QUALITY components.

****SP Twin Turbo Kit, utilizing Precision billet-wheel 58mm turbos, Precision Wastegates

****Custom Dynosty Fuel system, using CJM twin pump hanger, ID2000 injectors

****Tilton triple disc Clutch

****Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, Custom Dynosty Traction Package and Calibration.




Our attention to detail includes even the smallest of concerns.

Safety wiring bolts, locking hardware, new gaskets throughout. All very important steps when building a reliable street car.







Now that we’ve gone over the basics, we filled the tank up and strapped it to the rollers. At just 21psi, we capped 778whp. We turned it up for a higher pull netting 806whp/664tq. We pulled it off the rollers and put it on the street to dial in our proprietary traction control system. Utilizing a complete custom mapping procedure, we are able to put every available horsepower to the ground through any given pull. Calculating wheel slip and plotting necessary changes to the tune-up is a timely process, but well worth it when our clients are outpacing the competition. 

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