This time last year our drag car was stuck in the 9’s. A chassis that didn’t want to cooperate, a torque converter that wasn’t responding to our needs, and a suspension setup for a car with 1/2 the power we’re working with.

The first step to moving ETs South, remedy all these issues. We sent the chassis to a well known shop in Indiana, we proudly represent the work they did on the sunroof delete at every stop on the IFO leg. If you get a chance to see us in person, ask us for our YELP review of the service we received, we’re happy to indulge with our opinion. Take a look for yourself, we think you’ll be thoroughly impressed.





That passive aggressive picture post made me feel so much better….After the 6 months of chassis jail was up, we had some real help from the boys at Import Drag Solutions and PTC Torque Converters. The coilovers we had used last season came off, and on went a set of IDS conversion brackets and Viking shocks. The combo continues to prove it’s worth, and the guys at IDS are KILLING it with the support. Contact us for ordering, we are an authorized dealer and installer! The converter was a huge change as well, getting on the 2 step is a breeze now, and the car is working 100x better.



The Indianapolis IFO event was a blast. We were in the pits with all of our friends, all working towards a common goal. Aaron Gregory came out with his DSM, after a switch to new fuel and a few chassis updates. We had it on the rollers a couple weeks prior and knew first hand this thing was ready to EAT. In qualifying, on 10-15psi less boost than last year, he was already within .2 seconds of his best ET yet, throwing up 8.50s like nothing.


A few more snaps from the day:




We went rounds all day, consistently turning mid 8 second passes. We hit a new personal best, 8.41 @ 169mph, before heading into the finals against Aaron and his DSM. The final round was called and we sat with Aaron on the tree. Managed to edge out the win, but by a margin of victory  you’d miss if you blinked. It was just .01 that separated us at the finish line. Check out the link below for a video recap!