A couple months back, we had a client (John) reach out to us on proper EMS and nitrous tuning for his Toyota Tundra. At that time we had a good amount of these killers under our belt and had a niche market with Tundra customers domestic and abroad. John wanted a street truck that he could smack Corvettes around with, and still daily drive as he saw fit. The combination that left our building will 100% provide these requests!

The Nitty Gritty:

-6.2L Built 3UR

-IPT Transmission, truck converted to 2WD 

-TRD Supercharger ~6psi (baby boost)

-Direct Port Nitrous Kit (currently utilizing as a dry kit)

-Haltech Elite 2500 Computer system with Custom Dynosty harness and installation

-Tuned by our captain and commander, Sir Hal of Powershire.

Final numbers on this combination stunned the Tundra community. We were able to squeeze 765whp and 776tq out of the truck, on a small 160 shot. We sent the truck on it’s way back to Mr. John this week, awaiting track times to remote in and turn it up! See if we can’t nab the world record for a crew cab Tundra in the 1/4 mile! Big thank you to the owner of this vehicle for his patience through the process and letting us complete the build. We had a few bumps in the road, some late nights with R&D to get the combo complete, but we are beyond satisfied with the street manners the truck has now! Can’t wait to see it tear the streets up!

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