For the better part of a decade, the team at Dynosty has been churning out insane street cars for clients all over the world. In 2015, our commander in chief had his eyes set on a fresh platform. The new era of performance vehicles has brought on a wave of technology, precision, and potential we could only dream about in the early 2000s. Stock motor vehicles making upwards of 1000whp, AWD GTR’s pushing 2000hp, a completely stock Corvette that can turn 10 second 1/4 mile times. When you put the progression into perspective, this industry is entering into an exciting time. When we went to the drawing board, the obvious candidate was the S550 Mustang. The 5.0 motors were proven already, and Ford went ahead and gave us the comfort of IRS. Many die hard racers hate IRS, opting only for solid axle vehicles. Dynosty is the opposite, we’ve gone bottom 9s on IRS equipped, 6 speed 350Zs for years. We entered a coyote cheat code and grabbed an extra 1.5L of engine displacement over the VQ35, so now we can really turn the wick up!

2016 Mustang Gt, base model, 6 speed, 11 miles on the odometer.


When 2016 ‘base model’ interior trumps ANYTHING from Ford in the 2000’s.


Last, but not least; the heart of the future.


So now that you’re all caught up with the direction of Dynosty….What do we have planned for the ol’ 2016 GT? The formula is simple and outlined below. With a few proprietary details left out :).

Dynosty Stage 4 Longbock (1400hp Capable)

TwinTurboMustang.Net Built, Twin Turbo Kit

Twin Dynosty Spec Precision 6466s

Twin Tial Q BOV

Fore Innovations Fuel Pump Hanger

Dynosty Spec Fuel System Plumbing

Mcleod Racing Twin Disc Custom Clutch

Racestar Drag Pack

BC Racing Coilover Suspension (front)

Viking Suspension (rear)

Driveshaft Shop Axles

Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Dynosty Spec EMS and Harness (full standalone)

Watson Racing Bolt-in Roll Bar

Dynosty Spec Custom Rear Seat Delete

 Removal of the stock engine and transmission. (11 miles is enough, lets let her eat)


Tearing apart a perfectly good engine and Dynosty Spec it.

Manley stepped up huge to help us out! Thanks again boys!




Knock out the fueling needs, interior, and the drivetrain/clutch duty!

M10 M11 M13 M14 M15


Here comes the fun part. Motor is assembled, transmission is bolted up, suspension is getting sorted, and we’re ready to drop this beast back inside the frame rails. The only difference now is a couple Precision 6466 turbochargers hanging off each cylinder head. For the last few months everyone has told us our goal power level will crack the block in half, explode the transmission, grenade the rear end, and so on. Our response has always remained steadfast; bring it on. If it breaks? We build it stronger.

For now, we are aiming to create an insane STREET car, with all the comforts of a brand new vehicle.

AC? Working. Power Steering? Working. Sound System with 90s techno blasting? You bet.

The Meat and Potatoes……






Once we had the heart of the beast back in place, we were able to dial it in and start making some pulls on the dynojet. We we’re all hopeful it would eclipse 1000whp with relative ease. After narrowing down a couple gremlins in the tune, we began seeing the power rise. We ended up hitting 1264whp before the Mickey Thompsons started spinning on the rollers. We grabbed Marcus and Brock and had them crouch in the trunk for the next pull… Hovering between 28-32psi.

dyno finsl