Precision PTE 8685 CEA Performance Gen2 Turbocharger

Precision Turbo’s new PT8685 Gen2 performance turbocharger is capable of 1400HP, with new Gen2 CEA technology allowing it to spool faster and offer more performance than prior models. The Precision 8685 turbo is offered only as an air-cooled dual ball bearing design, and is available in two exhaust housings:
Divided T4 1.12 AR, PN 22709219329
Divided T4 1.28 AR, PN 22709219339

“The GEN2 CEA® wheels offer substantially more horsepower, mm for mm, when compared to similarly sized wheels of older designs, including those from other manufacturers. Unlike anything else on the market today, Precision’s GEN2 CEA® wheels are set to be a serious game-changer in the world of turbo technology.” Precision Turbo and Engine

PT8685 Retail price is $3849.99. Contact Dynosty to determine which turbo is best for your application and for the best possible price.