After years in the making, this Toyota MR2 Spyder was delivered to us for the final touches and tune. The Toyota 1ZZ 4cylinder engine was built, and a billet 58mm Precision Turbo was selected to provide airflow to the motor. An air to water intercooler was fitted along with 4″ exhaust featuring a Burns SS muffler. The fuel system was upgraded to handle E85 ethanol fuel, complete with a flex fuel sensor. A Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 standalone ecu was chosen due to many features including fully integrated on-the-fly flex fuel capability, o2 control and boost control. The end result after dyno tuning was a huge boost in performance: 325 horsepower at the wheels on 93 octane, and 400whp on E85. For reference the stock engine makes 138hp at the crank, or approximately 105whp on our Dyno Dynamics.

Video of Toyota MR2 Spyder single turbo dyno tuning pull:

Dyno comparison, 1ZZ engine tuned on Haltech flex fuel sensor, red=93oct, blue=e85
Toyota MR2 Spyder Turbo Dyno Chart E85 93oct comparison by Dynosty