Tunerzstore.com stopped by with their 6 speed Infiniti G35 sedan for some dyno testing and an Uprev dyno tune. The G35 is outfitted with intake and exhaust performance modifications, and we began with some baseline tests. The stock ECU tune yielded a consistent 210whp on our Dyno Dynamics and was dangerously lean, with air fuel ratio exceeding 15:1 at some points. Next we tested an out-of-the-box tune using Hypertech tuner. The Hypertech tune consistently produced 213whp and improved the air fuel ratio as seen on the comparison dyno chart below. After that we removed the Hypertech and began custom dyno tuning. First steadystate drivability areas of the map were tuned, improving partial throttle feel and fuel economy. We then tuned the full throttle and power areas of the map, including the fuel, ignition and cam timing maps. The final result was 218whp, with gains of 10+whp over Hypertech in some places and 20+whp over the stock ecu tune in places. Check out the dyno charts below to see why it is so important to get your car dyno tuned.