The team just wrapped up this S2000 build, and the results were great: 429whp on 93 octane pump gas. This car came in with the Science of Speed stage 2 supercharger system, making just over 300whp. The stock 2.0L F20C engine was removed and we called on Brian Crower to supply a F20C / F22C 2.47L stroker kit. The block was setup on the machine for factory cylinder liner removal, and we proceeded to install Darton sleeves which were needed for the larger 90mm bore required to achieve 2.47L of displacement. While the engine build was underway, Paxton supplied us with a Paxton 1500 supercharger – a substantial upgrade from the 1220 that was on the vehicle. After everything was reassembled and the engine and supercharger were installed back in the car a few items needed to the be fabricated such as a smaller supercharger pulley, a new intake system and Vortech Mondo bypass valve to vent the boost at redline. Our last change was removing the AEM EMS in favor of the new Haltech HT055050 AP1 Pro Plugin Honda S2000 standalone. Dyno tuning commenced, and the results were quite impressive – especially keeping in mind it’s a 4yclinder on pump gas. The Haltech EMS is much smoother and more consistent than the AEM, which the owner noticed immediately upon test driving the final product.

Upgrade Details:
2001 Honda S2000 AP1 w/ F20C
Dynosty 2.47L Upgrade, using BC Stroker and Darton Sleeves
Paxton Novi 1500 Supercharger
Injector Dynamics ID 1000cc Fuel Injectors
Haltech AP1 S2000 Pro Plug-In Standalone EMS HT055050
Tuned by Hal at Dynosty