This K20A3 was pushing out stock 110whp just days ago, and today it left with more than double the power. Having tuned K-Pro before, the Haltech Pro Plug-in RSX/DC5 box is definitely the way to go. This RSX base is brought to life by 13psi of boost, producing 252whp on our Dyno Dynamics.

HT055048 Platinum PRO Plug-in Honda DC5/RSX Kit (2005-06) (Non DBW, Manual trans only) was selected for this build and tune. Available for $1282.
HT055047 also available, for Honda RSX Type S 02-04 or EP3 02-05 (Manual trans only). This is a complete standalone that replaces the stock ecu, available for only $1282!
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Acura RSX with Turbo Haltech 252whp

Acura RSX Turbo with front mount intercooler