2JZ-GTE Powered 300ZX TT

The original VG30DETT engine gave up when this Nissan 300ZX was enroute to Dynosty for a dyno tune, which opened the door for a 2JZ-GTE swap. While swapping the VVT 2JZ-GTE into the Z32, Justin opted for more performance modifications including a Precision Turbo 6266, V mount intercooler and radiator, Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 standalone engine management with boost control and flex fuel enabled, twin fuel pumps, ID 1000cc injectors and more. The final product was an impressive 642WHP 550TQ on our Dyno Dynamics.

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap engine bay

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap dyno chart 642whp

300ZX Twin Turbo Dyno Tunes on Haltech Pro Plugin

Recently we completed two Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo dyno tunes. Both were updated from reflashed stock computers to the much superior Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In standalone engine managements. The Haltech EMS is a complete replacement for the stock computer and plugs directly into the stock harness. The standalone also enables live speed density tuning, so there is no need for maf splitters or waiting to mail tunes in and out. The end result of both was better performance and improved drivability.

Z32 Haltech Pro Plug-In Installed in place of stock computer:
300ZX Z32 Haltech Pro Plugin Installed at Dynosty

The first Z32 300ZX was on stock turbos with upgraded Nismo injectors. The results was an impressive 337whp and almost matching torque.

300ZX Z32 stock twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty

300ZX Z32 stock twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty dyno chart

The next Z32 300ZX came in with upgraded GT28RS twin turbos and yielded 429 horsepower at the wheels!

300ZX Z32 GT28RS twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty

300ZX Z32 GT28RS twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty dyno chart

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