Pump Gas Record from NY based G35

Coming to us from NY, Mark’s 2005 Infiniti G35 arrived with a full tank of 93 octane gasoline. We proceeded to load it on the dyno at our facility in Louisville, KY for a complete dyno tune. After calibrating drivability and low boost tuning, it was time to see what the 3.5L built VQ35 could do. The commands were sent down the line, from Hal to the Haltech, to the boost controller, to the wastegates… and the twin 58mm Precision Turbos were brought up to ~20psi. The result was an impressive, record-setting 742HP at the wheels and 592TQ. Congratulations Mark on a well put together setup and truly impressive numbers on a pump gas 3.5L VQ build.

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas on Dynosty dyno tuning

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas 742WHP dyno chart from Dynosty

Upgraded Greddy Turbo 350Z Build Makes 704WHP

A new Greddy 18G twin turbo kit record horsepower was set this week, 704WHP and 650WTQ at 30psi. This 2006 350Z arrived from West Virginia and started with a Greddy TD05 18G twin turbo kit. Build plans were drawn up, including a built motor, billet turbocharger wheels, fuel system and more. As performance parts were selected the power goals inched up. A Dynosty built VQ35 short block was assembled with CP Pistons and Manley turbo tuff rods, ARP main studs, ARP L19 head studs, and a Dynosty head refresh package with Kelford cams. The fuel system was upgraded with Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors fed by a Dynosty stage 2 fuel system and CJM twin pump hanger. Haltech Pro Plugin 350Z standalone was installed along with wideband and boost control, and Hal began the engine break-in program on the dyno, followed by a full dyno tune.

Power comes on extremely fast and provides plenty of torque down low, while continuing to pull to 6500+rpm. After receiving the car and driving it for a day, the customer’s description of ‘absolutely AMAZING’ sums it up nicely.

Customer Testimonial: Aaron G of WV, October 29, 2013:
Very good place to have your car. They treat every car like its their own. Very good quality and clean work. Will do anything for you to help you understand everything that’s going on and walk threw step by step on how to maintain and operate your car. Might take a little longer then your average shop but its well worth the extra time. BIG THUMBS UP




Here is a dyno pull of the twin turbo Nissan 350Z during dyno tuning when it was at 670 wheel horsepower:

GTM Twin Turbo 350Z Dyno Tune 624whp

We had the privilege of dyno tuning this beautifully built Nissan 350Z. The setup consisted of a built VQ35DE engine, GTM twin turbo kit with GT2871 turbos, Cosworth intake manifold, HKS 1000cc injectors and a Haltech Pro Plugin standalone engine management system. On 93 octane pump gas we were able to achieve 550whp on our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer, and 624whp on E85 before running out of injector.

Jarrett 350Z twin turbo on dynosty dyno

GTM TT Nissan 350Z Dyno Chart on E85 fuel:
Jarrett 350Z twin turbo dyno chart 624whp

Engine Bay:
Jarrett 350Z twin turbo engine bay

300ZX Twin Turbo Dyno Tunes on Haltech Pro Plugin

Recently we completed two Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo dyno tunes. Both were updated from reflashed stock computers to the much superior Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In standalone engine managements. The Haltech EMS is a complete replacement for the stock computer and plugs directly into the stock harness. The standalone also enables live speed density tuning, so there is no need for maf splitters or waiting to mail tunes in and out. The end result of both was better performance and improved drivability.

Z32 Haltech Pro Plug-In Installed in place of stock computer:
300ZX Z32 Haltech Pro Plugin Installed at Dynosty

The first Z32 300ZX was on stock turbos with upgraded Nismo injectors. The results was an impressive 337whp and almost matching torque.

300ZX Z32 stock twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty

300ZX Z32 stock twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty dyno chart

The next Z32 300ZX came in with upgraded GT28RS twin turbos and yielded 429 horsepower at the wheels!

300ZX Z32 GT28RS twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty

300ZX Z32 GT28RS twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty dyno chart

Dynosty is a top-tier Haltech distributor and installation/tuning facility. We would love to earn your business, give us a call to schedule your Haltech upgrade and tune: 502-384-8882.

350Z GTM Twin Turbo Install and Tune

A combination of bright yellow, and stealthy black intercooler makes for a car that catches your eye but is a sleeper at the same time. When this Nissan 350Z came to us from Oklahoma, it was a strong NA setup making 238 horsepower at the wheels on our Dyno Dynamics. A GTM Twin Turbo kit was selected by the customer, and we began installation along with supporting modifications including Dynosty stage 2 fuel feed and return system, Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors, Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin 350Z ECU, Haltech dual wideband, boost control, and more. The end result was a smooth-driving 350Z with serious performance when you ask for it. On 93 octane fuel, we dyno tuned the 350Z to 433WHP – stopping there due to the limitation of stock motor. Hopefully we will see this car back in for a built motor and see where the GTM Stage 2 Twin Turbo kit maxes out.

Before/After dyno chart:
350Z GTM twin turbo dyno chart at dynosty

350Z GTM twin turbo install at dynosty

350z shift license plate at dynosty

Twin Turbo Tundra 549whp

Marshall Motorsports brought their twin turbo 2007 Tundra by for tuning this week. The 5.7L Toyota 3UR-FE engine was fed by twin Precision Turbo 6262 turbochargers. The transmission was upgraded with a Marshall Motorsports valve body upgrade and torque converter. Other modifications include a Walbro 485 fuel pump and ID 1000cc fuel injectors. A Haltech engine management system was installed including Platinum Sport 2000 standalone, Haltech boost control, and Haltech dual channel wideband. A low boost map was setup on 93 octane pump gas, followed by high boost 9-10psi on E85. Dyno tuning resulted in the Tundra producing 549whp and just over 550tq on our Dyno Dynamics.

Twin Turbo Toyota Tundra Dyno Video:

Dyno Chart at 9-10psi


750WHP Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo

This beautiful twin turbo Nissan 350Z came to us from Nashville, TN for the finishing touches and a dyno tune. Twin 63mm Comp Turbos supplied the airflow and Hal dialed in the Haltech standalone to achieve 750WHP along with great driving manners on E85.

G35 build with custom twin GTX turbos: 583whp

We recently completed a “Version 2” build on this Infiniti G35. When the G35 coupe arrived it already had some core components for the build including a built 3.5L VQ35DE engine and a built factory 5speed automatic transmission. Dynosty was selected to remove the JWT twin turbo kit, and fabricate, install and tune a new twin turbo setup featuring tubular manifolds with Garrett GTX turbo technology. The end result was not only increased horsepower output, but also smoother power delivery that continues all the way to redline.

Final Dyno Chart, 583whp on our Dyno Dynamics:

BMW 1M Dyno Tune on COBB Tuning

We just wrapped up a custom dyno tune using COBB Accessport Race on this 2011 BMW 1M. With a few mods including intake and front mount intercooler upgrade, we were able to achieve over 300whp and 400tq from the twin turbo BMW N54 engine.

Stroker 350Z Makes 608WHP Effortlessly

Twin 67mm Precision turbos feed this built 4 liter VQ35 engine, and on the minimum boost setting of 16psi it produces 608WHP on our Dyno Dynamics. A collection of nice parts work together to produce a very smooth and drivable powerband as seen on the dyno charts. The customer picked up the car at our facility in Louisville, KY on a Friday night and spent the evening driving around the city with us before driving it home. A very fast street car and a lot of fun to drive!

2006 Nissan 350Z with modifications including:
4L VQ35DE V6 Engine
SFR Headers with Twin 67mm Turbos
Custom Intercooler, Intakes, and Piping
Cosworth Intake Plenum
Twin Pump Fuel System with ID 2000cc Injectors
Exedy Triple Disc Clutch, which ultimately limited power output as it slipped over 800whp
DSS Axles
Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In Standalone EMS, tuned on E85 by Hal at Dynosty

Twin Turbo Stroker Nissan 350Z Dyno Chart:

Twin Turbo Stroker Nissan 350Z Engine Bay:

TX2K12 Supra Meet Pictures

The dyno portion of TX2K12 was hosted at Hennessey Performance. With a 2WD Dynojet and an AWD Dyno Dynamics both going, it was common to hear a turbo spool up as the other dyno was spinning down.

Single Turbo Supra on the 2wd Dynojet:

Widebody GTR loading on the AWD Dyno Dynamics:

Where else would you find a Twin Turbo Ferrari accompanied by a Twin Turbo Lamborghini and a Supra with wheelie bars?

Single Turbo 2JZ-GTE Powered Honda S2000: