67MM Toyota Supra Build 915WHP

Wade 1995 Toyota white hard top

Wade 1995 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE 67mm turbo engine bay by Dynosty

In 2013 we consulted with Wade on his 1995 Toyota Supra and came up with a great high performance build package. We settled on a Dynosty built 3.0L 2JZ-GTE engine, Hypertune intake manifold, Full Race exhaust manifold and a Precision Turbo 6766 divided turbo to maximize spool and top end performance. The goal was balanced drivability and performance. Wade installed the parts and trailered the car in for the Dynosty engine break-in program and dyno tune. The package worked together perfectly, giving quick spool and 860WHP (fuel limited), and ran 179MPH in the half mile.

After a year of enjoying the Supra it returned for engine management upgrade and fuel system upgrade. With a new Haltech Elite monitoring fuel pressure, the Injector Dynamics ID1300cc injectors and Walbro fuel pumps were pushed a little harder to the tune of 900+WHP. The Haltech Elite’s traction control was then configured, allowing the mighty 2JZ to deliver maximum possible power to the ground!

Customer Testimonial: Wade H of Dallas TX, December 29, 2013:
Dynosty helped me build and completely tune my 1995 Toyota Supra. Their work and product backing was phenomenal. They thoroughly answered any questions I had and walked me though the whole process of building my car and recommending the parts best suited for my needs. The business is very well structured and the shop itself is very professionally equipped and staffed! Thanks guys!

Wade 1995 Toyota Supra 2jzgte 67mm turbo 915whp tuned by Dynosty

2004 Toyota MR2 Spyder Single Turbo

After years in the making, this Toyota MR2 Spyder was delivered to us for the final touches and tune. The Toyota 1ZZ 4cylinder engine was built, and a billet 58mm Precision Turbo was selected to provide airflow to the motor. An air to water intercooler was fitted along with 4″ exhaust featuring a Burns SS muffler. The fuel system was upgraded to handle E85 ethanol fuel, complete with a flex fuel sensor. A Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 standalone ecu was chosen due to many features including fully integrated on-the-fly flex fuel capability, o2 control and boost control. The end result after dyno tuning was a huge boost in performance: 325 horsepower at the wheels on 93 octane, and 400whp on E85. For reference the stock engine makes 138hp at the crank, or approximately 105whp on our Dyno Dynamics.

Video of Toyota MR2 Spyder single turbo dyno tuning pull:

Dyno comparison, 1ZZ engine tuned on Haltech flex fuel sensor, red=93oct, blue=e85
Toyota MR2 Spyder Turbo Dyno Chart E85 93oct comparison by Dynosty

761WHP RHD Toyota Supra

Dynosty was happy to get this Supra together and on the dyno to the tune of 761WHP on our Dyno Dynamics. The motor is stock with head studs and cams, and boost is provided by a Precision Turbo. The tune was performed by Hal at Dynosty on AEM using E85 for fuel. The fuel system consists of dual Bosch 044 pumps in tank and ID2000cc fuel injectors. Watch out for this Supra!

White Toyota Supra 2JZGTE at Dynosty

Supra Dyna 761WHP

3SGE powered MR2 lays it down

Impressive results from this turbocharged 1995 Toyota MR2: 405whp 312tq (or 450+whp for Dynojet comparison). This was achieved on a stock 3SGE (nonturbo) engine using E85 fuel and a finely-tuned Haltech Sport 1000 EMS. Modifications below.

MR2 Turbo Dyno Dynamics Chart:

MR2 Modifications:

Stock (unopened) 3SGE with Dynosty coolant neck

RMR Side Feed Intake Manifold
Dynosty Top Mount Turbo Manifold
Garrett GT2871R Turbo with Tial Stainless Steel Vband Inlet Housing
Greddy Style Side Mount Intercooler
Dynosty 3″ Downpipe
Berk Exhaust

Dynosty Fuel System
Injector Dynamics ID1000s
Walbro 400lph Fuel Pump

Engine Management:
Haltech Sport 1000 Standalone
Haltech Wideband Controller
Haltech Boost Control Kit
Dynosty Mil Spec Engine Harness
350z Ignition Coils
Tuned by Hal at Dynosty

Turbo MR2 Dyno Before/After CT27 Upgrade

One of the cleanest MR2’s came by for some repairs and upgrades, including replacing the original CT26 turbo with a CT27. A before/after dyno comparison shows how drastic the change was, granted there were a few leaks and problems with the old turbo. While apart for the repairs and upgrade the customer opted for a Berk Technology 3″ downpipe. Everything was reassembled with new gaskets and hardware and back onto the dyno for a final run. Check out the gains! Hopefully we will see this car back soon for a Haltech install and we can clean up the rich factory air fuel ratio.

AE86 Corolla 1UZFE Harnessing Project

This AE86 Toyota Corolla arrived needing our wiring expertise after a Lexus 1UZFE engine was installed. We began with removing the factory harness and computer and supplying a Haltech Sport 2000 standalone ecu and a long flying lead harness. Toyota supplied new engine connectors and we sourced new Denso coils, all of which we mated to the Haltech harness after cutting and pinning to length.

The outcome was a plug and play engine harness for the Haltech Sport 2000 to 1UZFE engine. Next it’s off to the paint/body shop!

Contact us for your wiring and harnessing needs.

Before wiring:

After wiring:

Supra with 6265 Turbo and Haltech Dyno Tune, 484whp 460tq

Power met drivability on this single turbo Supra featuring a tubular exhaust manifold, Precision 6265 billet turbo, Haltech EMS, Walbro 400 and Sard 800cc injectors. A dyno tune was able to bring this 2JZ-GTE setup together and achieve 484whp while maintaining a nice powerband and 460tq.

Dyno Dynamics Dyno Chart:

Scion FR-S at SEMA 2011

The latest version of the Scion FR-S aka Toyota FT86 was on display at SEMA, and it is worth getting excited about! With the release date only a few weeks away, it was good seeing Scion with something close to a final FR-S. We are watching and waiting for this new rear wheel drive tuner car to arrive on the market, so stay tuned for future updates on tuning the Scion FR-S / Toyota FT86!

Looking forward to the official FR-S release date coming soon!

Scion FR-S Pictures: