TRD Supercharged Tundra Tune 503WHP

Another 5.7L Toyota Tundra joined the 500+ horsepower club. This Tundra came to us from Florida for a Haltech standalone and dyno tuning, and the trip was well worth it picking up over 50 horsepower at the wheels. The TRD supercharger adds some serious performance, but the tune leaves a lot on the table.

Modifications to this Toyota Tundra include TRD supercharger, upgraded pulleys, 1000cc fuel injectors, valvebody upgrade, transmission cooler and a Dynosty tuned Haltech Sport 2000 standalone ecu. Tuned on pump gas.

Toyota Tundra TRD supercharger and engine bay at Dynosty

Toyota Tundra TRD supercharger dyno sheet from Dynosty

Video of quick street pull:

Twin Turbo Tundra 549whp

Marshall Motorsports brought their twin turbo 2007 Tundra by for tuning this week. The 5.7L Toyota 3UR-FE engine was fed by twin Precision Turbo 6262 turbochargers. The transmission was upgraded with a Marshall Motorsports valve body upgrade and torque converter. Other modifications include a Walbro 485 fuel pump and ID 1000cc fuel injectors. A Haltech engine management system was installed including Platinum Sport 2000 standalone, Haltech boost control, and Haltech dual channel wideband. A low boost map was setup on 93 octane pump gas, followed by high boost 9-10psi on E85. Dyno tuning resulted in the Tundra producing 549whp and just over 550tq on our Dyno Dynamics.

Twin Turbo Toyota Tundra Dyno Video:

Dyno Chart at 9-10psi