Stillen Supercharged 2007 Nissan 350Z HR Upgrades

This 2007 Nissan 350Z arrived for a variety of upgrades, and more are already being planned. Stillen’s VQ35HR / VQ37VHR supercharged kit was installed with the Stillen / Uprev reflash, and we strapped it on the Dyno Dynamics to get a baseline. At 7-8psi the Vortech-fed VQ35HR pumped out 329whp (red line on dyno chart).

A smaller pulley was then fitted to the Vortech, but due to Stillen’s design a smaller belt was unavailable (8rib 21inch belt) – so we machined a larger idler pulley which worked perfect to tension the back 8-rib belt. The Stillen / Uprev reflash form of engine management was set aside in favor of a standalone, the Haltech 350Z kit. This was installed on the HR using Dynosty’s VQ35HR Haltech Plug&Play harness. After a dyno tune the 350Z progressed to 400whp (blue line).

For that extra kick, a Nitrous Express dry system was added along with a Haltech CAN IO Box to control it, yielding 431whp (black line).

Stay posted for some winter upgrades including a manual tensioner to prevent front-belt slip, and a built motor as we push this setup even further!

Dyno Dynamics Dyno Chart:

Stillen Supercharged 350Z HR Engine Bay: