Hyundai Genesis on Track after Haltech Tune and Upgrades

This white 2012 Hyundai Genesis coupe r-spec 2.0T came in for some mods to boost the power output of the 2.0L turbocharged Theta engine. Baseline dyno showed 178whp on our Dyno Dynamics, at which time we planned the following:
Haltech Hyundai Genesis Platinum Pro Plug-In standalone ems (PN HT055045)
Injector Dynamics ID 1000cc fuel injectors
MXP Downpipe
MXP O2 Housing
Tune by Hal at Dynosty

LEFT: Picture showing stock Hyundai Genesis injectors compared to ID1000 injectors. RIGHT: MXP downpipe installed on Hyundai Genesis 2.0.

Next, the stock ECU was removed and a Haltech Pro Plug-In ecu was fitted in it’s place. Fuel, ignition, cam timing and boost were dialed in on the Haltech standalone, yielding 232whp on 93octane pump gas – a 54whp or 30% increase in power!

The customer runs the car at SCCA autocross events, and recently took it to Putnam Park road course for a Porsche track day event. He sent a link to the footage along with these kind words, “Here’s a video from the last session on Sunday. I was the only car out there on street tires in that session. The second car I passed is a 2011 GT3 on Hoosier R6’s. Thanks for the help and for the perfect tune.”
Check out the footage of this Genesis coupe working on the track:

NEW Haltech 350Z G35 Pro Plug-in – Complete ECU Replacement!

Dynosty and Haltech are proud to announce the new Haltech Platinum 350Z/G35 Pro Plug-In, a complete OEM ECU replacement! This new standalone ecu completely replaces the stock ecu, uses factory sensors, and performs the factory functions including: Drive By Wire allowing the idle, rev limiter and other throttle-related functions to be tuned. OEM Fan Control, allowing low and high speed fan settings. Fuel Pump Control, prime settings for primary pump and staging for additional pumps. AC control. Stock Gauges and Lights, including Tachometer and CEL with advanced CEL diagnostic signaling or use as shift light or knock light. Perfect for your high performance 350Z needs, covering NA to turbo and nitrous applications – this ECU has it all!

Other new features include:
E85 Flex Fuel Support, done right! Run any fuel mixture between gasoline and E98, and Haltech adjusts fuel, ignition and boost appropriately on the fly! Advanced fuel composition tables allow full control of fuel/ignition/boost at each composition level – this is not just a sliding scale style correction.
Antilag Launch Control and Rally – build boost at the line and specify what the allowable acceleration rate is after launching.
4 Additional Inputs and 4 Additional Outputs onboard, with room for more via CAN expansion.

We are currently testing these in house and the 350Zs are driving great! Complete control coupled with live tuning makes tuning easy and perfect drivability.
2003-2006 350Z / G35 6speed Manual Transmission Only. 350Z HR and 370Z ECU coming soon (eta in next 12 months)
Call Dynosty at 502-384-8882 to order your new Haltech 350Z Plug-In ECU today! Call for best pricing.
Wholesale and dealer inquiries welcome.
In-house installation and dyno tuning available, as well as travel tuning.

Update 3/27/12: In stock at Dynosty!