Pump Gas Record from NY based G35

Coming to us from NY, Mark’s 2005 Infiniti G35 arrived with a full tank of 93 octane gasoline. We proceeded to load it on the dyno at our facility in Louisville, KY for a complete dyno tune. After calibrating drivability and low boost tuning, it was time to see what the 3.5L built VQ35 could do. The commands were sent down the line, from Hal to the Haltech, to the boost controller, to the wastegates… and the twin 58mm Precision Turbos were brought up to ~20psi. The result was an impressive, record-setting 742HP at the wheels and 592TQ. Congratulations Mark on a well put together setup and truly impressive numbers on a pump gas 3.5L VQ build.

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas on Dynosty dyno tuning

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas 742WHP dyno chart from Dynosty

Import King of the Streets

Making progress with the Dynosty SC300 and taking the win at Friday Night Lightz at Edgewater in Cincinnati.
Very happy with the heads up 1/4 mile drag racing performance of the Precision Turbo and Haltech Elite 2500 on board!

Dynosty Import King of the Streets lexus sc300 friday night lightz cincinnati 062815

Stealthy Infiniti Makes 600+WHP Pump Gas




This stealthy Infiniti G35 came to Dynosty with a Vortech supercharger wanting more power. We prepared a two step plan to meet the customer’s requests and budget. Phase 1 included a Dynosty built 3.5L VQ35DE engine, turbo kit, minor fuel upgrades, and suspension/wheels/tires. The result is a very solid-footed car that plants over 600 Horsepower to the ground on 93octane pump gas.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 which will include further fuel upgrades to support E85 and more power.

Modifications include:
Dynosty 3.5L VQ35DE Engine with CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, Tomei Cams
Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin 350Z ECU with Wideband Controller and Advanced Boost Control
Dynosty Pro Tune with Advanced Traction Control
Boosted Performance Twin Scroll Turbo Kit with PTE 6766 Turbocharger
Tial Wastegates and Blow Off Valve
Bilstein Coilover Suspension
Enkei Wheels with 315 Wide MT ET Street Radial Tires

Customer Testimonial: Kevin B of IN, January 23, 2014:
Dynosty does excellent work. They are consummate professionals and take the time to help you make the best decisions when upgrading your ride. Hands down best around for Nissan/Infiniti upgrades and tuning.

2JZ-GTE Powered 300ZX TT

The original VG30DETT engine gave up when this Nissan 300ZX was enroute to Dynosty for a dyno tune, which opened the door for a 2JZ-GTE swap. While swapping the VVT 2JZ-GTE into the Z32, Justin opted for more performance modifications including a Precision Turbo 6266, V mount intercooler and radiator, Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 standalone engine management with boost control and flex fuel enabled, twin fuel pumps, ID 1000cc injectors and more. The final product was an impressive 642WHP 550TQ on our Dyno Dynamics.

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap engine bay

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap dyno chart 642whp

New Precision Turbo 8685

Precision PTE 8685 CEA Performance Gen2 Turbocharger

Precision Turbo’s new PT8685 Gen2 performance turbocharger is capable of 1400HP, with new Gen2 CEA technology allowing it to spool faster and offer more performance than prior models. The Precision 8685 turbo is offered only as an air-cooled dual ball bearing design, and is available in two exhaust housings:
Divided T4 1.12 AR, PN 22709219329
Divided T4 1.28 AR, PN 22709219339

“The GEN2 CEA® wheels offer substantially more horsepower, mm for mm, when compared to similarly sized wheels of older designs, including those from other manufacturers. Unlike anything else on the market today, Precision’s GEN2 CEA® wheels are set to be a serious game-changer in the world of turbo technology.” Precision Turbo and Engine

PT8685 Retail price is $3849.99. Contact Dynosty to determine which turbo is best for your application and for the best possible price.

Full Race Distributor

Please contact Dynosty for all of your Full-Race turbo exhaust manifold needs. Full-Race prides itself on producing the highest quality exhaust manifolds on the market.

We are a distributor for all of the name brands you will need when boosting your vehicle, including Tial, Garrett, Precision Turbo, Borg Warner, and more!

Contact us for the best deals on all of your parts, using our online form or call 502-384-8882 for immediate assistance.

Pictured are a Full-Race Honda Outlaw Turbo Manifold, Full-Race Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE T6 Manifold, and a Full-Race Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE T4 Manifold.

Supra with 6265 Turbo and Haltech Dyno Tune, 484whp 460tq

Power met drivability on this single turbo Supra featuring a tubular exhaust manifold, Precision 6265 billet turbo, Haltech EMS, Walbro 400 and Sard 800cc injectors. A dyno tune was able to bring this 2JZ-GTE setup together and achieve 484whp while maintaining a nice powerband and 460tq.

Dyno Dynamics Dyno Chart:

Another Boosted Performance 350Z Hits The Streets

Details of build:
2005 Nissan 350Z Anniversary Edition
Dynosty 3.5L VQ35DE Engine, with CP Pistons and Eagle Rods
Stock heads secured by ARP L19 Head Studs
Factory crank secured by ARP Main Studs and Dynosty Billet Main Girdle
Boosted Performance BP 62mm Turbo Kit with Precision Turbo Billet 6265 Turbo
Momentum Performance Headers
Cosworth Intake Plenum
Walbro 400 Fuel Pump feeding Injector Dynamics ID 1000CC Injectors
Haltech Platinum 350Z EMS, Haltech Dual Wideband Controller, Haltech Boost Control