Nissan Built Motors VQ35DE VQ37VHR VR38DETT

Dynosty VR38DET R35 GTR Assembled complete motor

Dynosty VQ37VHR 370Z assembled short block

Dynosty is the Nissan specialist with many years of development and building Nissan VQ and VR series engines. Contact Dynosty when you are in need of a new engine for your Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z or R35 Nissan GT-R. We have you covered from naturally aspirated factory rebuild or a high performance 1000+hp setup. Built motor packages range from assembled short block to complete engine packages with heads, timing systems, pans, covers ready to drop in.

Other engines include 4 6 and 8 cylinder engines both import and domestic, such as Chevrolet LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSX, Honda K20, Nissan VG, RB, SR, VQ, VR,Toyota 2JZ-GTE, 3SGTE, and more.

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300ZX Twin Turbo Dyno Tunes on Haltech Pro Plugin

Recently we completed two Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo dyno tunes. Both were updated from reflashed stock computers to the much superior Haltech Platinum Pro Plug-In standalone engine managements. The Haltech EMS is a complete replacement for the stock computer and plugs directly into the stock harness. The standalone also enables live speed density tuning, so there is no need for maf splitters or waiting to mail tunes in and out. The end result of both was better performance and improved drivability.

Z32 Haltech Pro Plug-In Installed in place of stock computer:
300ZX Z32 Haltech Pro Plugin Installed at Dynosty

The first Z32 300ZX was on stock turbos with upgraded Nismo injectors. The results was an impressive 337whp and almost matching torque.

300ZX Z32 stock twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty

300ZX Z32 stock twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty dyno chart

The next Z32 300ZX came in with upgraded GT28RS twin turbos and yielded 429 horsepower at the wheels!

300ZX Z32 GT28RS twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty

300ZX Z32 GT28RS twin turbo Haltech tuned at Dynosty dyno chart

Dynosty is a top-tier Haltech distributor and installation/tuning facility. We would love to earn your business, give us a call to schedule your Haltech upgrade and tune: 502-384-8882.

Boosted Performance 6266 Turbo 350Z Dyno Tune 417WHP

This Nissan 350Z came to us from Nashville TN for a dyno tune after installing a Boosted Performance turbo kit, and left with over 400 horsepower at the wheels. A Precision Turbo billet CEA 6266 turbo was chosen with .81ar exhaust housing, and was installed on the factory headers with a 3″ exhaust system. After installing the kit, the team at Dynosty was contacted to supply a base Haltech ECU calibration in order to drive the vehicle to Louisville for a complete dyno tune. Upon arrival, Hal quickly dialed in the drivability and began working on power tuning. 300+whp was achieved and some minor changes were needed to get the boost controller working. After the adjustments we were able to post up consistent 400+whp numbers, ending at 417WHP max at 9-10psi. This is great power for the stock VQ35DE Nissan 350Z engine with Boosted Performance turbo kit on stock headers. Generally we recommend aftermarket headers due to the stock headers restrictive nature for 400+ territory.

R32 GT-R Tuned on Vipec at Dynosty

We had the honor of dyno tuning one of the cleanest R32 GT-Rs in existence. A Precision 6265 Turbo provides nearly 20psi of boost in order to achieve 440+WHP and 300+TQ on 93octane pump gas. Vipec engine management was chosen to replace the stock computer, along with other supporting modifications. Watch out for this show-ready street car!

Recent Uprev Dyno Tunes

This twin turbo Nissan 350Z was trailered into our Louisville, KY dyno tuning facility from the Chicago, IL area. It features a custom Garrett twin turbo setup and very nice attention to detail. The results were over 500whp on 100 octane fuel limited by injector.

2004 Nissan Titan dyno tuned on Uprev. 20+WHP and 50+TQ gains!

HKS Twin Turbo RB26DETT Powered 240SX

Smooth sounds came from the twin-turbo inline 6 cylinder Nissan on the dyno today. HKS twin turbos fed a built RB26DETT transplanted from an R32 GTR into a Nissan 240SX. With Tomei, Greddy and Apexi parts found throughout the engine bay, power came on smooth and strong. Hal was able to dial in the AEM EMS nicely and took the car from barely-running upon arrival to 450+whp on 93octane pump gas. Looking forward to future updates from this car on the road course.

Dyno Dynamics dyno chart, comparing 14psi and 17psi

1996 S14 240SX with R32 RB26DETT Engine Swap

New NASA Spec Z class for 03-08 Nissan 350Z

Exciting news for racing enthusiasts from The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) this week… on February 1, 2012 a new class ‘Spec Z’ was announced for 2003-2008 Nissan 350Zs! Nissan Motorsports (Nismo) has teamed with the series to provide limited aftermarket modifications allowed in the class such as Nismo exhaust, Nismo KW suspension, sway bars, LSD, and other bits. The engine will be restricted to stock down to the air box, and the tires are restricted to 275/35R18 BFGoodrich g-Force™ R1™ (or T/A™ KDW under wet conditions). 03-04 350Zs must weigh 3100 pounds, 05-06 must weigh 3175, and 07-08 must weigh 3300. Horsepower is restricted to 258whp (Dynojet) for 03-04, 265whp for 05-06, and 275whp for 07-08 350Z’s. There will be regional and national competitions as well as a contingency program.


NEW Haltech 350Z G35 Pro Plug-in – Complete ECU Replacement!

Dynosty and Haltech are proud to announce the new Haltech Platinum 350Z/G35 Pro Plug-In, a complete OEM ECU replacement! This new standalone ecu completely replaces the stock ecu, uses factory sensors, and performs the factory functions including: Drive By Wire allowing the idle, rev limiter and other throttle-related functions to be tuned. OEM Fan Control, allowing low and high speed fan settings. Fuel Pump Control, prime settings for primary pump and staging for additional pumps. AC control. Stock Gauges and Lights, including Tachometer and CEL with advanced CEL diagnostic signaling or use as shift light or knock light. Perfect for your high performance 350Z needs, covering NA to turbo and nitrous applications – this ECU has it all!

Other new features include:
E85 Flex Fuel Support, done right! Run any fuel mixture between gasoline and E98, and Haltech adjusts fuel, ignition and boost appropriately on the fly! Advanced fuel composition tables allow full control of fuel/ignition/boost at each composition level – this is not just a sliding scale style correction.
Antilag Launch Control and Rally – build boost at the line and specify what the allowable acceleration rate is after launching.
4 Additional Inputs and 4 Additional Outputs onboard, with room for more via CAN expansion.

We are currently testing these in house and the 350Zs are driving great! Complete control coupled with live tuning makes tuning easy and perfect drivability.
2003-2006 350Z / G35 6speed Manual Transmission Only. 350Z HR and 370Z ECU coming soon (eta in next 12 months)
Call Dynosty at 502-384-8882 to order your new Haltech 350Z Plug-In ECU today! Call for best pricing.
Wholesale and dealer inquiries welcome.
In-house installation and dyno tuning available, as well as travel tuning.

Update 3/27/12: In stock at Dynosty!

Stillen Supercharged 2007 Nissan 350Z HR Upgrades

This 2007 Nissan 350Z arrived for a variety of upgrades, and more are already being planned. Stillen’s VQ35HR / VQ37VHR supercharged kit was installed with the Stillen / Uprev reflash, and we strapped it on the Dyno Dynamics to get a baseline. At 7-8psi the Vortech-fed VQ35HR pumped out 329whp (red line on dyno chart).

A smaller pulley was then fitted to the Vortech, but due to Stillen’s design a smaller belt was unavailable (8rib 21inch belt) – so we machined a larger idler pulley which worked perfect to tension the back 8-rib belt. The Stillen / Uprev reflash form of engine management was set aside in favor of a standalone, the Haltech 350Z kit. This was installed on the HR using Dynosty’s VQ35HR Haltech Plug&Play harness. After a dyno tune the 350Z progressed to 400whp (blue line).

For that extra kick, a Nitrous Express dry system was added along with a Haltech CAN IO Box to control it, yielding 431whp (black line).

Stay posted for some winter upgrades including a manual tensioner to prevent front-belt slip, and a built motor as we push this setup even further!

Dyno Dynamics Dyno Chart:

Stillen Supercharged 350Z HR Engine Bay:

Another Boosted Performance 350Z Hits The Streets

Details of build:
2005 Nissan 350Z Anniversary Edition
Dynosty 3.5L VQ35DE Engine, with CP Pistons and Eagle Rods
Stock heads secured by ARP L19 Head Studs
Factory crank secured by ARP Main Studs and Dynosty Billet Main Girdle
Boosted Performance BP 62mm Turbo Kit with Precision Turbo Billet 6265 Turbo
Momentum Performance Headers
Cosworth Intake Plenum
Walbro 400 Fuel Pump feeding Injector Dynamics ID 1000CC Injectors
Haltech Platinum 350Z EMS, Haltech Dual Wideband Controller, Haltech Boost Control

APS Twin Turbo 350Z, 486WHP 486TQ

James brought his 350Z in from Chicago needing a few bugs worked out and a tune. We quickly identified and remedied a few problems, such as wideband signal being wired to the wrong input with O2 correction enabled. The car performed well on the dyno, and Hal was able to draw a nice chart on the Dyno Dynamics dynamometer – matching 486WHP and 486TQ.

2003 350Z
Built 3.5L VQ35DE
Cosworth Intake Plenum
APS Twin Turbo Kit
800CC Injectors
Haltech Platinum 350Z ECU
AEM Wideband