Joe’s 668WHP Nissan 300ZX Tune

Nissan 300ZX 668WHP yellow on dyno with Haltech
This Z32 Nissan 300ZX sings nicely, making 668WHP and almost 500WTQ before running out of fuel on the dyno. The build consists of a built VG30DETT engine with twin Garrett GT28 turbos. A Haltech Pro Plugin standalone controls the fuel and ignition timing, and E85 was used as the fuel. Stay tuned to see what this 300ZX will produce with an improved fuel system.

2JZ-GTE Powered 300ZX TT

The original VG30DETT engine gave up when this Nissan 300ZX was enroute to Dynosty for a dyno tune, which opened the door for a 2JZ-GTE swap. While swapping the VVT 2JZ-GTE into the Z32, Justin opted for more performance modifications including a Precision Turbo 6266, V mount intercooler and radiator, Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 standalone engine management with boost control and flex fuel enabled, twin fuel pumps, ID 1000cc injectors and more. The final product was an impressive 642WHP 550TQ on our Dyno Dynamics.

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap engine bay

Nissan 300ZX 2JZGTE swap dyno chart 642whp