Evo X Build

The Dynosty team just completed this 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X build. A Dynosty built motor with CP Pistons and Carrillo rods was installed along with a turbo upgrade, Haltech Sport 1000 standalone ecu and more. With over 400 horsepower it is guaranteed to be fun!

Evo X Build at Dynosty

Mitsubishi Ralliart Build

We just finished this 500+HP 2009 Mitsubishi Ralliart build including engine and transmission upgrades. The 4B11T engine (shared with the EvoX) and SST dual clutch transmission were first dropped out of the bottom. Next the engine was machined and fit with CP pistons and Eagle rods. The setup was balanced and blueprinted, and final assembly went together with a built ported head. The SST transmission was opened for upgraded clutch discs and seals. Finally the tubular manifold and upgraded turbo were reinstalled and the Ralliart is back on the road!