Haltech Elite 2000 vs 2500 Comparison

We frequently get asked about the differences between a Haltech Elite 1000 and 1500, or a 2000 and 2500. Here is the quick comparison to help clear things up for you!

First, 1xxxx vs 2xxx series ECUS…

Elite 1000 is a 4 injector 4 ignition ecu. Best suited for 4 cylinder engines but can be used on more cylinders (Example wastespark, semi-sequential V8)
Elite 1500 is an Elite 1000 with advanced features added.
Elite 2000 is an 8 injector 8 ignition ecu.
Elite 2500 is an Elite 2000 with advanced features added.

Haltech Elite 2500 vs 2000 and 1500 vs 1000

Now on to the comparison… (The list will refer to 2000 vs 2500, but same statements can be applied to 1000 vs 1500.)

  • 2000 and 2500 both do true flex fuel, advanced boost control, traction control, launch control, rolling anti-lag, etc.
  • 2500 has Drive By Wire, 2000 does not
  • 2500 has OEM CAN support, 2000 does not
  • 2500 can control 4 variable cams, 2000 is limited to 2 variable cams
  • 2500 has better logging – more space, channels and speed
  • 2500 has 4D tuning for fuel, ignition and boost control for max customization
  • 2500 has multistage nitrous control, 2000 has single stage nitrous
  • 2500 has 5 race timers, 2000 has 1 race timer
  • 2500 has transbrake control and co2 wastegate control
  • 2500 has short and long term knock control, 2000 has short term only
  • 2500 can be upgraded to T (2500T) box if required in future. Mainly used by dedicated drag cars, example X275.
  • 2500 has multistage engine protection allowing different responses to different problems. 2000 has single stage, so all protections trip the same response. For example an Elite 2000 lean protection will trigger the same protection as low oil pressure or low fuel pressure.

Here is a complete comparison chart from Haltech for reference. Hope this helps!

Haltech ECU Comparison Chart 0317

Turbo Testing on Track Mazda Miata

In an interesting twist to a track Miata, Scott chose to try a rear mount turbo for track use. His goal was increasing engine horsepower while keeping under-hood temperatures as low as possible.
Build details include:
02 1.8L VVT Engine swap
CT26 Turbo, rear mount with twin wastegates for boost control as low as 3psi

Mazda Miata MX5 1.8 VVT Turbo Haltech on Dynosty dyno

Mazda Miata MX5 1.8 VVT Turbo Haltech engine and turbo

Pump Gas Record from NY based G35

Coming to us from NY, Mark’s 2005 Infiniti G35 arrived with a full tank of 93 octane gasoline. We proceeded to load it on the dyno at our facility in Louisville, KY for a complete dyno tune. After calibrating drivability and low boost tuning, it was time to see what the 3.5L built VQ35 could do. The commands were sent down the line, from Hal to the Haltech, to the boost controller, to the wastegates… and the twin 58mm Precision Turbos were brought up to ~20psi. The result was an impressive, record-setting 742HP at the wheels and 592TQ. Congratulations Mark on a well put together setup and truly impressive numbers on a pump gas 3.5L VQ build.

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas on Dynosty dyno tuning

Mark 2005 G35 Pump Gas 742WHP dyno chart from Dynosty

TRD Supercharged Toyota Tundra on Haltech Elite

After upgrades and a tune, this Toyota Tundra put down 557 horsepower at the rear wheels and 581 torque. The 5.7L 3UR-FE engine and has the following upgrades:
TRD Supercharger
ID 1000cc Fuel Injectors with upgraded fuel pump
Upgraded supercharger pulley
Transmission upgrade
Haltech Elite 2500 engine management
Dyno Tune by Hal at Dynosty

Import King of the Streets

Making progress with the Dynosty SC300 and taking the win at Friday Night Lightz at Edgewater in Cincinnati.
Very happy with the heads up 1/4 mile drag racing performance of the Precision Turbo and Haltech Elite 2500 on board!

Dynosty Import King of the Streets lexus sc300 friday night lightz cincinnati 062815

Stealthy Infiniti Makes 600+WHP Pump Gas




This stealthy Infiniti G35 came to Dynosty with a Vortech supercharger wanting more power. We prepared a two step plan to meet the customer’s requests and budget. Phase 1 included a Dynosty built 3.5L VQ35DE engine, turbo kit, minor fuel upgrades, and suspension/wheels/tires. The result is a very solid-footed car that plants over 600 Horsepower to the ground on 93octane pump gas.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 which will include further fuel upgrades to support E85 and more power.

Modifications include:
Dynosty 3.5L VQ35DE Engine with CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, Tomei Cams
Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin 350Z ECU with Wideband Controller and Advanced Boost Control
Dynosty Pro Tune with Advanced Traction Control
Boosted Performance Twin Scroll Turbo Kit with PTE 6766 Turbocharger
Tial Wastegates and Blow Off Valve
Bilstein Coilover Suspension
Enkei Wheels with 315 Wide MT ET Street Radial Tires

Customer Testimonial: Kevin B of IN, January 23, 2014:
Dynosty does excellent work. They are consummate professionals and take the time to help you make the best decisions when upgrading your ride. Hands down best around for Nissan/Infiniti upgrades and tuning.

Tony’s 800WHP Honda S2000 Build


The past 5 years brought many changes for this Honda S2000, growing up from a bolt-on Science of Speed Supercharger setup to a 800+HP turbocharged monster! Dynosty was there for every step along the way, starting with a Dynosty Stroker Motor, supercharger upgrades, Haltech standalone engine management installation and tuning, Toyota Supra V160 6speed transmission swap, Suspension and wheel/tire upgrades, Ford rear end swap, Cylinder head upgrades, Flex-Fuel fuel system upgrade and finally Turbocharging! The end result is an absolute monster that spools well and effectively puts the power to the ground at all times. This S2000 is a joy to drive and has massive acceleration in any gear.

Honda S2000’s Modifications include:
Dynosty Built 2.3L Stroker F20 Honda S2000 Engine
Full Race exhaust manifold with Dynosty piping and Front Mount Intercooler
PTE Precision Turbo 6766 Ball Bearing
Dynosty 3″ SS Tig Exhaust with Race Muffler
Hypertune Intake Manifold, custom modified for Dual Fuel Rails and Idle Air Control
Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors x8 fed by Dual Walbro 485 Fuel Pumps
Haltech Platinum S2000 Pro Plugin calibrated by Hal at Dynosty. Includes all factory functions (ac, speedo, tacho etc) plus aftermarket idle air control, 8x injector control, advanced boost by gear control and more.
Toyota V160 Getrag Supra Turbo 6speed Manual Transmission with working Speedometer and Twin Disc clutch
Ford 8.8 IRS Rear End setup by Dynosty and DSS Axles
CCW Wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Tires and custom coilover suspension

Customer Testimonial: Tony T of KY, June 2, 2015:
Dynosty built my s2000 for me . The car is awesome ! Customer service doesn’t stop when you leave the shop. They have called and checked on the car. I had a wideband sensor go out do to age but the guys helped me work the problem out over the phone on the weekend . Did i say what a great job they did . Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in. You are the best!!





Scion FR-S with 3SGE BEAMS Swap

Scion FR-S with 3SGE BEAMS Engine Swap engine bay

Dustin’s Scion FR-S received a BEAMS 3SGE engine swap just in time for TX2K15. Days before departure the turbo kit was coming together. Hours before departure it was loaded on the dyno for a full tune. A few days and 2000 miles later it was returning home from it’s successful maiden voyage from Kentucky to Houston TX.

Coming from a Toyota MR2, Dustin was very familiar with the 3S engine series. The BEAMS variant was an obvious choice for his FR-S engine swap, combining the solid cast iron inline 4 cylinder block with an improved cylinder head featuring dual cam control. Once the engine was in place planning began for the rest of the setup. A custom turbo manifold feeds a Precision Turbo 5866 billet turbo, which feeds a custom RacerX/Dynosty intake manifold. The FR-S was originally equipped with Drive By Wire, and that feature was retained and improved upon with a larger throttle body and a Haltech Elite 2500 standalone engine management system. The Haltech Elite 2500 has standalone control of the engine, and flawlessly runs the dual cam control, drive by wire, knock control and more.

The BEAMS 3SGE swapped Scion FR-S is just getting started at 330WHP on low boost and 93 octane pump gas – which would be near the limit on the stock boxer FA20 engine found in the FR-S. Check out the dyno chart and video below, and stay tuned for more updates as we increase boost, rev limiter, and setup flex fuel for E85 tuning.

Contact Dynosty to inquire about a motor swap for your car.

Scion FR-S with 3SGE BEAMS Engine Swap dyno chart

3S-GE BEAMS FR-S Dyno from Dynosty on Vimeo.

VQ35HR Plug and Play Standalone Haltech Elite

Dynosty VQ35HR Plug and Play Standalone Haltech Elite

Dynosty has offered a Plug and Play solution for the Nissan 350Z VQ35HR for some time, and it’s better than ever with the recent update to Haltech Elite 2500 EMS! This custom Haltech Elite VQ35HR standalone system offers live fuel and ignition control as well as additional features including:
Onboard Map Sensor
Onboard Logging
Advanced Boost Control
Bank-Specific O2 Control with cell-by-cell long term learning
Knock Control with cell-by-cell learning
Fuel Pressure Compensation
Fuel Pump Staging
Nitrous Control
and much much more!

Click HERE to check out the Dynosty store and order your VQ35HR Plug and Play standalone today! 

67MM Toyota Supra Build 915WHP

Wade 1995 Toyota white hard top

Wade 1995 Toyota Supra 2JZGTE 67mm turbo engine bay by Dynosty

In 2013 we consulted with Wade on his 1995 Toyota Supra and came up with a great high performance build package. We settled on a Dynosty built 3.0L 2JZ-GTE engine, Hypertune intake manifold, Full Race exhaust manifold and a Precision Turbo 6766 divided turbo to maximize spool and top end performance. The goal was balanced drivability and performance. Wade installed the parts and trailered the car in for the Dynosty engine break-in program and dyno tune. The package worked together perfectly, giving quick spool and 860WHP (fuel limited), and ran 179MPH in the half mile.

After a year of enjoying the Supra it returned for engine management upgrade and fuel system upgrade. With a new Haltech Elite monitoring fuel pressure, the Injector Dynamics ID1300cc injectors and Walbro fuel pumps were pushed a little harder to the tune of 900+WHP. The Haltech Elite’s traction control was then configured, allowing the mighty 2JZ to deliver maximum possible power to the ground!

Customer Testimonial: Wade H of Dallas TX, December 29, 2013:
Dynosty helped me build and completely tune my 1995 Toyota Supra. Their work and product backing was phenomenal. They thoroughly answered any questions I had and walked me though the whole process of building my car and recommending the parts best suited for my needs. The business is very well structured and the shop itself is very professionally equipped and staffed! Thanks guys!

Wade 1995 Toyota Supra 2jzgte 67mm turbo 915whp tuned by Dynosty

Fuel Injectors Spraying at 9500RPM

We had the opportunity to tune a Cosworth powered Lotus Elan race car with individual throttle bodies. The Cosworth 2.0L engine was controlled by a Haltech Sprint 500 and was dyno tuned in house to make great power and awesome response. Here is a unique look at fuel injectors spraying, first steadystate with increasing load and then during a dyno pull to 9500RPM.

440WHP Daily Driver G35 on GT35R

Infiniti G35 powerlab gt35r turbo dyno chart on 93 octane 8psi 440whp 395tq

This G35 is a prime example of a boosted daily driver. A Garrett GT35R turbo provides 8.5psi to the engine, boosting power to 440WHP and 395TQ. Response is quick due to the quick spooling turbocharger, and pulls all the way to redline. Tuning was performed on 93octane pump gas and the G35 has a return fuel system with 1000cc injectors. The Haltech Pro Plugin standalone was tuned by Hal at Dynosty, and has advanced features setup including Overboost Protection, Lean Protection and calibrated Knock Protection that you wouldn’t get with a reflash tune.