0 to 179MPH in One Week

Wade Toyota Supra Turbo chicago half mile

With the Chicago Half Mile looming near, we wrapped up a 2JZ-GTE build for Wade’s 1995 Toyota Supra. The built 2JZ-GTE included Manley Turbo Tuff rods, coated 10:1CR CP Pistons with upgraded pins, H11 head studs, ARP main studs, and more. As Eddie put the finishing touches on the motor, Wade was standing by with a truck to get the motor home, installed, and Supra back to us asap for tuning. A few late-nights later, the new engine was up and running. After the Dynosty engine-breakin program was completed, it was time to start cranking boost to the engine. The final result was an impressive 860WHP 722TQ on a Dynojet at 30-31psi. After driving it for a day it was loaded up and off to Chicago for the Half Mile event. Wade’s second pass in the car was a blistering 175MPH, backed up with another 175MPH and then 179MPH. Congratulations Wade on one fast car and a great job getting it together under tight time constraints.

1995 Toyota Supra Turbo build details:
Full-Race Exhaust Manifold with divided PTE 6766
Hypertune Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Haltech Sport 2000 ECU Calibrated by Hal @ Dynosty
Triple Walbro 255 Fuel pumps feeding E85 to ID 1300 Injectors

Wade Toyota Supra Turbo 2jzgte 860whp 722tq dyno chart 179mph half mile slip

Wade Toyota Supra Turbo 2jzgte engine bay purple

Wade Toyota Supra Turbo 2jzgte block build

Wade Toyota Supra Turbo chicago half mile rear view

Chicago 1/2 Mile June 21-22 2014

Dynosty is proud to partner with WannaGoFast to bring you the Chicago 1/2 Mile on the beautiful Bult Field runway. If you haven’t been, this is a great opportunity to legally race your car from a dig or a roll. The environment is unlike anywhere else, relaxed but exciting.

This event sells out early, so be sure to register early or contact us to pre-register. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

WannaGoFast Chicago 1/2 Mile Airport Runway Racing Flyer 2014