Ray’s 934WHP Nissan 350Z

Ray’s Nissan 350Z originally came to us from New Jersey for a tune years ago. After making 400+HP for a couple years it was time for more power, at which time a Dynosty built VQ35DE was spec’d out. The build motor was installed, along with a revised Boosted Performance mid mount turbo kit, Precision Turbo billet 76mm turbo, and a Dynosty E85 fuel system with CJM twin pump (255/485). After calibrating the Haltech Pro Plugin standalone the result was an impressive 934WHP on E85.

934WHP 350Z Dyno Pull Video:

Nissan 350Z Dyno Chart:
Nissan 350Z 76mm turbo dyno chart 934whp

Joe’s 668WHP Nissan 300ZX Tune

Nissan 300ZX 668WHP yellow on dyno with Haltech
This Z32 Nissan 300ZX sings nicely, making 668WHP and almost 500WTQ before running out of fuel on the dyno. The build consists of a built VG30DETT engine with twin Garrett GT28 turbos. A Haltech Pro Plugin standalone controls the fuel and ignition timing, and E85 was used as the fuel. Stay tuned to see what this 300ZX will produce with an improved fuel system.

Dynosty Tuned Nissan 370Z Wins SCCA Nationals

Big Congratulations to David Daughtery who drove the Dynosty-tuned Nissan Motorsports 370Z to win the SCCA National Championship title at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Despite some serious carnage on track and a tough battle as the tires faded, David was able to drive back around the competition to secure 1st place for the finish.

Note the car features the number 8, which happens to be how many wins David has secured at the SCCA Nationals.

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune wins nationals

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune on track 1

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune on track 2

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune

2JZ-GTE Powered Honda S2000

2JZGTE Powered Honda S2000 at Dynosty

This Honda S2000 engine bay houses a motor 50% larger than stock – a built Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline 6 cylinder turbo engine. A Precision 76mm turbo hangs on the passenger side, feeding boost into the engine via a SRT intake manifold. The fuel system is setup with twin pumps, 2000cc injectors and a flex fuel sensor making it ethanol E85 ready. A Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 standalone ecu was selected for engine control including VVTI. This was only a break-in tune, and we are excited to see what it will do when turned up in the future.

2JZGTE Powered Honda S2000 engine bay at Dynosty

2JZGTE Powered Honda S2000 dyno chart 615whp at Dynosty

355WHP Scion FR-S on GTX28 Turbo and E85

What was a relatively stock FR-S was completely transformed with high performance upgrades including Garrett GTX28 turbo kit and supporting modifications. We installed the billet-wheel turbo kit and full exhaust system, as well as larger injectors, fuel pump, and an upgraded ACT clutch and flywheel package. With the right performance parts, this FR-S was ready to hit the dyno.

Using EcuTek, Hal managed 264whp on 93octane gas from the high compression FA20 engine. With E85 in the tank we increased boost to 13psi and dialed the tune in to 355whp on our Dyno Dynamics. On a Dynojet this would be 300WHP pump gas and 400WHP E85.

Scion FRS GTX28 Turbo engine bay at Dynosty

Scion FRS GTX28 Turbo E85 dyno chart 355whp

Greddy Turbo Scion FR-S Doubles Factory Horsepower

Greddy Turbo Scion FRS at Dynosty

With the installation of a Greddy Turbo Kit on a 2013 Scion FR-S along with supporting mods and dyno tune, we were impressed to achieve 315WHP DynoDynamics, more than double the factory FR-S BRZ wheel-horsepower! The FRS was modified with high performance parts including a Greddy Turbo Kit, Tial blow off valve, Dynosty fuel upgrades (550cc injectors and pump), over pipe, front pipe, and Dynosty tune using EcuTek. The FR-S gas tank was drained of pump gas and filled with E85. Greddy uses a Mitsubishi turbocharger, which is perfectly matched to the FR-S BRZ FA20 engine for rapid spool and practically no lag. This combination helps the lack of power normally found at lower RPM, and is a great street-car turbo kit. See the Greddy FRS Turbo Kit low boost verse high boost comparison below. The Greddy kit utilizes an internal wastegate, so more boost would require modifications to the internal wastegate or upgrading to an external wastegate. This Scion FR-S Turbo Kit fits great, and installs on Subaru BRZ as well.

Scion FR-S Greddy Turbo Kit Low Boost vs High Boost
Greddy Turbo Scion FRS dyno low boost high boost E85 at Dynosty

Scion FR-S Greddy Turbo Kit Engine Bay Picture
Greddy Turbo Scion FRS engine bay at Dynosty

Scion FR-S Greddy Turbo Kit Header Picture
Greddy Turbo Scion FRS header at Dynosty

Upgraded Greddy Turbo 350Z Build Makes 704WHP

A new Greddy 18G twin turbo kit record horsepower was set this week, 704WHP and 650WTQ at 30psi. This 2006 350Z arrived from West Virginia and started with a Greddy TD05 18G twin turbo kit. Build plans were drawn up, including a built motor, billet turbocharger wheels, fuel system and more. As performance parts were selected the power goals inched up. A Dynosty built VQ35 short block was assembled with CP Pistons and Manley turbo tuff rods, ARP main studs, ARP L19 head studs, and a Dynosty head refresh package with Kelford cams. The fuel system was upgraded with Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors fed by a Dynosty stage 2 fuel system and CJM twin pump hanger. Haltech Pro Plugin 350Z standalone was installed along with wideband and boost control, and Hal began the engine break-in program on the dyno, followed by a full dyno tune.

Power comes on extremely fast and provides plenty of torque down low, while continuing to pull to 6500+rpm. After receiving the car and driving it for a day, the customer’s description of ‘absolutely AMAZING’ sums it up nicely.

Customer Testimonial: Aaron G of WV, October 29, 2013:
Very good place to have your car. They treat every car like its their own. Very good quality and clean work. Will do anything for you to help you understand everything that’s going on and walk threw step by step on how to maintain and operate your car. Might take a little longer then your average shop but its well worth the extra time. BIG THUMBS UP




Here is a dyno pull of the twin turbo Nissan 350Z during dyno tuning when it was at 670 wheel horsepower:

GTM Twin Turbo 350Z Dyno Tune 624whp

We had the privilege of dyno tuning this beautifully built Nissan 350Z. The setup consisted of a built VQ35DE engine, GTM twin turbo kit with GT2871 turbos, Cosworth intake manifold, HKS 1000cc injectors and a Haltech Pro Plugin standalone engine management system. On 93 octane pump gas we were able to achieve 550whp on our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer, and 624whp on E85 before running out of injector.

Jarrett 350Z twin turbo on dynosty dyno

GTM TT Nissan 350Z Dyno Chart on E85 fuel:
Jarrett 350Z twin turbo dyno chart 624whp

Engine Bay:
Jarrett 350Z twin turbo engine bay

Evo Powered Mustang

It’s not everyday you see a Ford Mustang powered by a Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 engine, but we were excited to get this on the dyno rollers for engine break-in and tune. With a solid base calibration it was off to the track, where a couple shakedown passes worked out the bugs and then with an easy launch it went 9.8 @ 144mph in the 1/4 mile. More to come as Josh gets more seat time and we turn it up.

The setup consists of a fully built Evo9 4G63 engine with a Masfab custom header and Garrett GT42 turbo. E98 fuel is used, and engine management is a Haltech Pro Plugin with M&W ignition, tuned by Hal at Dynosty.

Evo Mustang engine bay at Dynosty

Evo Mustang Dyno at Dynosty

Here is a video clip Josh sent in of the 9.8 drag pass

56 Chevy with LS1 Swap

It was great having another classic in the shop with a modern engine. This 56 Chevy had a Chevy LS1 V8 transplanted into it along with the drive-by-wire system, and was brought to us for a dyno tune. We strapped it on our Dyno Dynamics and proceeded to dyno tune it with HP Tuners.

56 Chevy LS1 dyno tune at Dynosty

TRD Supercharged Tundra Tune 503WHP

Another 5.7L Toyota Tundra joined the 500+ horsepower club. This Tundra came to us from Florida for a Haltech standalone and dyno tuning, and the trip was well worth it picking up over 50 horsepower at the wheels. The TRD supercharger adds some serious performance, but the tune leaves a lot on the table.

Modifications to this Toyota Tundra include TRD supercharger, upgraded pulleys, 1000cc fuel injectors, valvebody upgrade, transmission cooler and a Dynosty tuned Haltech Sport 2000 standalone ecu. Tuned on pump gas.

Toyota Tundra TRD supercharger and engine bay at Dynosty

Toyota Tundra TRD supercharger dyno sheet from Dynosty

Video of quick street pull:

Scion tC Dezod Turbo Tune

Glad this Dezod turbocharged Scion tC found it’s way to us for a tune due to how poor the tune was prior. The car was fouling spark plugs while driving and was unable to go into boost without breaking up. We started with a fresh set of properly gapped plugs and after Hal spent some time on the dyno straightening out the air fuel ratio and timing maps it was running much better. Performance modifications included a Dezod turbo kit and AEM FIC engine management.

Scion TC dezod turbo kit engine bay at Dynosty

Scion TC dezod turbo kit tuned at Dynosty

Dyno chart:
Scion TC dezod turbo kit dyno chart tuned at Dynosty