New E85 Flex Fuel Content Gauge from Dynosty!

Dynosty is proud to release the new Dynosty E85 Flex Fuel Content Gauge with 0-5v output. This gauge analyzes fuel content in real time and updates the display showing 0-100 % ethanol content. Take the guesswork out of fill-ups with this gauge – know exactly what grade fuel you are running at all times! Low and high warning feature appears if the signal is disconnected or shorted. 0-5v output can be connected to your engine management (if capable) to adjust fuel, ignition and boost based on fuel grade, or switch maps based on pump gas or E85. Please give us a call if you have a question about how to integrate this with your engine management.

Works with GM, Chevy and Haltech flex fuel sensors.

Dynosty E85 Flex Fuel Content Gauge with 0-5v Output, PN DYN G-E85: $169
Haltech Flex Fuel Composition Sensor: $226
Combo kit with Gauge and Flex Fuel Sensor: $368
Combo kit with Gauge, Flex Fuel Sensor, and -6AN in/out fittings: $408

In stock now! Call to order 502-384-8882 or send paypal (shipping to confirmed addresses only!) to

Available in red, amber and blue display colors.

Output specifications:
0.5v = 0% ethanol content
4.5v = 100% ethanol content

*Amber display shown in picture

*Picture demonstrates -6AN fitting on left side and standard fitting on right side.