Dynosty 370Z Testing and Development

With a great history of successfully campaigning 350Zs the time has come to see what we can do with a 370Z. Initially we are running a largely stock Nissan 370Z Nismo with addition of Precision 67mm turbo and tuning on E85. Warning: While we understand we are beyond the limits of the factory components we have chosen to see what it can do. First pass out broke the 1/4 mile record at 10.40 seconds, and we have continued to whittle it down since. Most recently the Z ran 10.03 in competition at Import Face-Off in St Louis, MO. With better weather and a bit of luck we expect to see a 9 second time slip coming soon!

Unopened VQ37 and Stock Transmission/Dif
OS Giken Triple Disc Clutch and Flywheel
Driveshaft Shop Pro Level Axles and CF Driveshaft
Fuel Injector Clinic 1650s
CJ Motorsports Billet Pump Hanger
Modified BP Single Turbo Kit
Precision Turbo & Engine 6766 (17psi)
Dynosty Line Lock Kit
Pump E85 Fuel
Tuned by Dynosty using EcuTek
In memory of Trent C.

Dynosty 370Z 10-03 quarter mile at STL IFO 9-17

3-Peating in Style! Dynosty Tuned 7 Second DSM


Welcome to the 7 second club Aaron!

We wanted to take a minute to offer a HUGE CONGRATS to our friend and sponsored driver Aaron from CDub Racing! He went out to the 2016 DSM/EVO shootout  and ran the rounds. Came home with a new personal best, and some hardware to add to his collection!!

Happy to play a small part in this operation! Aaron picked up almost .5 from his personal best to an ET of 7.96, all utilizing a Haltech ECU Elite series EMS. Check our Facebook video section for footage of Hal tuning this killer a few weeks back!

Taking The Win: IFO Indianapolis

This time last year our drag car was stuck in the 9’s. A chassis that didn’t want to cooperate, a torque converter that wasn’t responding to our needs, and a suspension setup for a car with 1/2 the power we’re working with.

The first step to moving ETs South, remedy all these issues. We sent the chassis to a well known shop in Indiana, we proudly represent the work they did on the sunroof delete at every stop on the IFO leg. If you get a chance to see us in person, ask us for our YELP review of the service we received, we’re happy to indulge with our opinion. Take a look for yourself, we think you’ll be thoroughly impressed.





That passive aggressive picture post made me feel so much better….After the 6 months of chassis jail was up, we had some real help from the boys at Import Drag Solutions and PTC Torque Converters. The coilovers we had used last season came off, and on went a set of IDS conversion brackets and Viking shocks. The combo continues to prove it’s worth, and the guys at IDS are KILLING it with the support. Contact us for ordering, we are an authorized dealer and installer! The converter was a huge change as well, getting on the 2 step is a breeze now, and the car is working 100x better.



The Indianapolis IFO event was a blast. We were in the pits with all of our friends, all working towards a common goal. Aaron Gregory came out with his DSM, after a switch to new fuel and a few chassis updates. We had it on the rollers a couple weeks prior and knew first hand this thing was ready to EAT. In qualifying, on 10-15psi less boost than last year, he was already within .2 seconds of his best ET yet, throwing up 8.50s like nothing.


A few more snaps from the day:




We went rounds all day, consistently turning mid 8 second passes. We hit a new personal best, 8.41 @ 169mph, before heading into the finals against Aaron and his DSM. The final round was called and we sat with Aaron on the tree. Managed to edge out the win, but by a margin of victory  you’d miss if you blinked. It was just .01 that separated us at the finish line. Check out the link below for a video recap!




Drag, Drift and Road Race Winning Weekend

It was a great weekend for Dynosty customers across multiple venues including Drag Racing, Drifting, and Road Racing. Big Congratulations to the following for their victories:

Friday, Willard took 1st place 6 Cylinder at the Frantic Friday competition at Mountain Park Dragway in his 2014 Nissan GT-R built and tuned by Dynosty running MoTeC M1 standalone.

Saturday, Jonathan put on a show in Memphis, TN at the State of Drift competition and secured the win. Jonathan pilots a bright green 350Z powered by a turbocharged LS1 V8 engine with Holley EFI.
Photo credit Bob Frankfuter

Sunday, Aaron of Winning Formula won 3 out of 3 NASA PTE races at the new NCM Motorsports Park. Aaron drives a Mazda Miata with newly installed and tuned Haltech Elite 1500 with Racepak dash.
Photo credit Logan Legrand

Import King of the Streets

Making progress with the Dynosty SC300 and taking the win at Friday Night Lightz at Edgewater in Cincinnati.
Very happy with the heads up 1/4 mile drag racing performance of the Precision Turbo and Haltech Elite 2500 on board!

Dynosty Import King of the Streets lexus sc300 friday night lightz cincinnati 062815

2015 Upcoming Sponsored Events

Mark your calendars for these Dynosty-Sponsored events in 2015! Come out to enjoy the event and meet the crew.

Wannagofast half mile racing by Dynosty
Wannagofast 1/2 Mile Racing
January 24-25, 2015 (Saturday-Sunday)
Racers: SOLD OUT IN <2 DAYS Spectators: Available, show up at site LOCATION: Jumbolair Airport, 1401 NE 77th Street, Ocala, FL 34479

May 30-31, 2015 (Saturday-Sunday)
Racers: $225 per day. Registration opens March 27 8AM EST and sells out FAST!
Spectators: Available, show up at site
LOCATION: Heavens Landing Airport, 1271 Little Creek Road, Clayton, GA 30525

This is our third year sponsoring Wannagofast 1/2 mile racing, and this is an incredible opportunity to race your car down an airstrip legally and get a verified speed slip stating the top speed. Racing this event is a blast, but spectating is also quite fun given the caliber of cars. Watch everything from a stock corvette to a twin turbo Lamborghini race down the airstrip at speeds exceeding 200MPH.

tx2k15 sponsored by Dynosty
March 19-22, 2015 (Thursday-Sunday)
LOCATION: Royal Purple Raceway, 2525 S Farm to Market Road 565, Baytown, TX 77523
Dynosty is a proud partner and supporter of the TX2K™ annual event. This mega meet started as a Toyota Supra meet, but has expanded to anything with high power. Expect to see many vehicles in the 1000-2000WHP range, including Supras, GT-Rs, Vipers, Lamborghinis, Camaros, etc. If it makes a lot of power, chances are you may see it here. Non stop live action, ranging from the roll races on the track, dyno shootout, car show, night meet, street action, and drag race event.
Thursday-Friday: TX2K™ Roll Race Nationals
Friday-Saturday: Dyno Shootout
Friday Night: TX2K™ Night Meet
Saturday-Sunday: TX2K15™ Drag Race Event

Zdayz Nissan Meet brought to by Dynosty
ZdayZ 2015
May 14-17, 2015 (Thursday-Sunday)
LOCATION: Fontana Village Resort, Fontana Dam, NC 28733
Another long time Dynosty partnership and tradition, ZdayZ brings the Nissan Infiniti family together for a great time in the mountains. Over 1000 people gather in the mountains and pack out the hotel and cabins at Fontana Dam for spirited driving on Deals Gap / Tail of the Dragon, a car show, poker run, exhaust competition, vendor row and more. This event is a great getaway to relax and enjoy some incredible back roads as well as meet other Nissan Infiniti enthusiasts.

Dynosty Tuned Nissan 370Z Wins SCCA Nationals

Big Congratulations to David Daughtery who drove the Dynosty-tuned Nissan Motorsports 370Z to win the SCCA National Championship title at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Despite some serious carnage on track and a tough battle as the tires faded, David was able to drive back around the competition to secure 1st place for the finish.

Note the car features the number 8, which happens to be how many wins David has secured at the SCCA Nationals.

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune wins nationals

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune on track 1

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune on track 2

David Daughtery Nissan 370Z SCCA Race Car with Dynosty Tune

Wheels up at 2014 DSM Shootout

Great seeing customers with the wheels up at the 2014 DSM Shootout in Norwalk this weekend. Big congratulations to Jesse of CDUB for 2nd place in the 4G63 powered orange fox body, and Josh on his new best 9.1 1/4 mile in the black Evo-powered Mustang. Both cars are powered by turbocharged 4G63 engines and Haltech standalone engine management systems.



Credit Guy With Camera Photography

Chicago 1/2 Mile June 21-22 2014

Dynosty is proud to partner with WannaGoFast to bring you the Chicago 1/2 Mile on the beautiful Bult Field runway. If you haven’t been, this is a great opportunity to legally race your car from a dig or a roll. The environment is unlike anywhere else, relaxed but exciting.

This event sells out early, so be sure to register early or contact us to pre-register. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

WannaGoFast Chicago 1/2 Mile Airport Runway Racing Flyer 2014

Evo Powered Mustang

It’s not everyday you see a Ford Mustang powered by a Mitsubishi Evo 4G63 engine, but we were excited to get this on the dyno rollers for engine break-in and tune. With a solid base calibration it was off to the track, where a couple shakedown passes worked out the bugs and then with an easy launch it went 9.8 @ 144mph in the 1/4 mile. More to come as Josh gets more seat time and we turn it up.

The setup consists of a fully built Evo9 4G63 engine with a Masfab custom header and Garrett GT42 turbo. E98 fuel is used, and engine management is a Haltech Pro Plugin with M&W ignition, tuned by Hal at Dynosty.

Evo Mustang engine bay at Dynosty

Evo Mustang Dyno at Dynosty

Here is a video clip Josh sent in of the 9.8 drag pass

TX2K13 Coverage from Dynosty

If you were unable to attend TX2K13, here are some pictures of what you missed in Houston Texas. The TX2K event continues to grow and is a great time to see fast cars on the road course, dyno, drag strip and the street. As usual, the event featured plenty of heavily modified turbo Toyota Supras, countless Nissan GTRs, twin turbo Lamborghinis, Ferraris and more.

Scion FR-S Record 1/4 Mile Pass 11.1 @ 127.9

We had the opportunity to get the Turbo Scion FR-S to the 1/4 mile drag strip, and while we arrived later than anticipated, we were able to squeeze in 2 runs before they closed Lucas Oil Raceway for the season. The FR-S passed tech inspection and lined up in the lanes, as the announcer stated “No more vehicles to the lanes – this is the last pass of the night.” The first pass down the track yielded a 11.1 @ 127.9mph on a soft launch, setting the current world record for Quickest and Fastest FR-S / BRZ. On the return road the track official was kind enough to wave us into the lanes again considering we only had 1 run. The second pass backed up the 11.1 with an 11.2. There is a lot left in the car, and we hope to get to another track before they close for winter. Stay tuned for more!

The Scion FR-S features the Dynosty FR-S BRZ single turbo build package, which includes:
Dynosty Turbo FRS BRZ Feed Pipe
Garrett GT2871 Turbo with Tial V-Band Inlet/Outlet Turbocharger
Dynosty 3″ SS Downpipe
Tial MVR Wastegate and Tial Q Blow Off Valve
Front Mount Intercooler
Dynosty Intercooler Piping Kit
Dynosty Intake Pipe with K&N Intake Filter
Clutchmaster FX Clutch and Flywheel
Agency Power Header
Dynosty Spec Colder Spark Plugs
Deatschwerks High Flow Fuel Pump
Injector Dynamics 850cc Fuel Injectors
Haltech Standalone Engine Management System
Haltech Wideband Controller
Haltech Boost Controller
Dynosty ECU Flash with EcuTek

Special thanks to Tial, Injector Dynamics, Deatschwerks Fuel Pumps, Haltech Engine Management, Berk Technology, BC Racing, Traklite Wheels, and Clutchmasters.

Contact Dynosty to setup your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ build today!

Buy this turbo build for your Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ now on FRSMOD.com!