Fuel Injectors Spraying at 9500RPM

We had the opportunity to tune a Cosworth powered Lotus Elan race car with individual throttle bodies. The Cosworth 2.0L engine was controlled by a Haltech Sprint 500 and was dyno tuned in house to make great power and awesome response. Here is a unique look at fuel injectors spraying, first steadystate with increasing load and then during a dyno pull to 9500RPM.

440WHP Daily Driver G35 on GT35R

Infiniti G35 powerlab gt35r turbo dyno chart on 93 octane 8psi 440whp 395tq

This G35 is a prime example of a boosted daily driver. A Garrett GT35R turbo provides 8.5psi to the engine, boosting power to 440WHP and 395TQ. Response is quick due to the quick spooling turbocharger, and pulls all the way to redline. Tuning was performed on 93octane pump gas and the G35 has a return fuel system with 1000cc injectors. The Haltech Pro Plugin standalone was tuned by Hal at Dynosty, and has advanced features setup including Overboost Protection, Lean Protection and calibrated Knock Protection that you wouldn’t get with a reflash tune.