Boosted Performance 350Z On Dyno

This Nissan 350Z had a self-installed Boosted Performance turbo kit with Precision 62mm turbo and was dropped off for inspection and dyno tune. After a few items were touched and the Z was strapped on our Dyno Dynamics where Hal got to work on the TurboXS Utec ECU. The tune came together quickly at 7psi limited by the boost controller and Tial wastegate spring, yielding 325whp and slightly more torque.

350Z Road Race Season Prep

We enjoy repeat business, and in the case of this 350Z it has been 3 years and it came back for a retune with new mods and 104 octane race gas. The finishing touches were dialed in via our Uprev Pro Tuning suite on this beautiful road-race 350Z on our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. The intake and free-flowing full exhaust worked quite well to achieve 248whp on the custom dyno tuned Osiris reflash and we wish the best luck to him during this season and next as he takes on Nasa Spec Z class.

JDM Supra makes 481whp with Precision 6765

This right hand drive Supra landed at the shop unable to idle and with detonation and misfire issues from a prior tune on the AEM V2 box. Within a few hours we had the plugs gapped properly and the AEM EMS tune dialed in where it starts, idles, and makes 481whp on 93octane pump gas! Looking forward to possible E85 tune in the future to take full advantage of the Precision 6755 turbo.

Dyno Day Results 3/24/12

Great weather, cars and food made for good times at the Dynosty Open House Dyno Day on Saturday March 24, 2012. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the dyno in action, walk through the facility and hang out.

Photos and dyno charts from the event:

TX2K12 Supra Meet Pictures

The dyno portion of TX2K12 was hosted at Hennessey Performance. With a 2WD Dynojet and an AWD Dyno Dynamics both going, it was common to hear a turbo spool up as the other dyno was spinning down.

Single Turbo Supra on the 2wd Dynojet:

Widebody GTR loading on the AWD Dyno Dynamics:

Where else would you find a Twin Turbo Ferrari accompanied by a Twin Turbo Lamborghini and a Supra with wheelie bars?

Single Turbo 2JZ-GTE Powered Honda S2000:

Open House / Dyno Day on March 24, 2012

Join us for an open house at our new Louisville, KY location on Saturday March 24th, 2012. Check out our new facility, watch some cars spin the rollers, and take advantage of our discounted $45 dyno-day rate!

March 24, 2012
10AM – 4PM

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New Louisville, KY Shop Location

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13100 Middletown Industrial Blvd
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